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Precision optics including extreme precision aspheres and freeform, meter-class flats and windows in common and exotic materials. Full electro-mechanical-optical design/prototype and manufacturing capabilities for medical, defense, military, ISR, semiconductor and industrial technology research.


Zygo uses innovative and proprietary manufacturing technologies to create high-precision optical components through CNC glass machining and light-weighting, weighting, MRF polishing, and thin film coating.

ZYGO offers integrated system design, prototyping, and volume assembly in product development phases like engineering and product development, electro-optical assembly, opto-mechanical assembly, and turnkey system manufacturing.

Zygo’s Optical Systems Division designs and manufactures high precision optical components and electro-optical subsystems for industrial OEM applications in their certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 manufacturing and assembly facilities.

The Zygo Optical Systems Division’s Tier 1 optical fabrication facility utilizes their own proprietary manufacturing and metrology techniques to design and manufacture optical components and optical assemblies for use in semiconductor applications.

Zygo offers design and manufacturing services for a wide variety of products used in the defense and aerospace marketplaces, and are prepared to help at any point in the product’s lifecycle – from concept through volume production.

Zygo’s Electro-Group provides design, manufacturing, and assembly engineering services for electro-optical and opto-mechanical assemblies used in medical and life science applications.

Zygo’s extreme precision optics group provides services involving aspheric surface fabrication, computer controlled optical surfacing, ion beam figuring (IBF), precision glass machining, abrasive machining, and precision glass assembly.


ZYGO’s Guardian™ Industrial Enclosure is designed to isolate the metrology core from the surrounding environment, even under the more challenging environmental conditions.

The ZeGage™ Pro and ZeGage™ Pro HR are scanning white light interferometers that provide 3D optical surface profiling for the measurement of precision surfaces that require non-contact metrology. The base ZeGage™ Pro model delivers surface mapping at the nanometer scale, meeting the needs for most industrial surfaces. For smoother samples with a much finer surface finish, the ZeGage™ Pro HR offers more than 20X higher precision with 0.15 nm vertical precision.

Zygo Corporation's NewView 9000 instrument is based on innovative and versatile non-contact optical technologies. Ideal applications include research, precision engineering, quality control, and advanced manufacturing.

Zygo® offers the new Compass™ Micro Lens Process Metrology System with automated, non-contact 3D surface metrology and process control capabilities for discrete micro lenses and molds critical to compact imaging systems and cameras for smart phones and tablets. Two Compass™ models are available for different metrology needs.

Zygo introduces the new Verifire™ HDX laser interferometer system designed for precise 3D metrology and mid-spatial frequency content characterization of extreme performance optical components and systems. The HDX system includes all of the features of the Verifire HD, and adds enhancements such as the best-in-class imaging and resolution for high instrument transfer function (ITF), and superior characterization of mid-spatial frequency content and high-slope surface deviations.

The new ZPS™ System from Zygo Corporation is designed to measure absolute position via ultra-compact optical sensors with a resolution of 0.01 nm and less than 1 nm of non-linearity. The system is typically used for closed-loop feedback systems that require continuous streams of high-precision position data from multiple sensors to maintain precise positioning and alignment.

Precision interferometric metrology faces the challenge of environmental vibrations which can ruin countless precision measurements. Vibration affects measurement results and spatial frequency analysis, making it difficult to make high quality optics without reliable measurements. Zygo’s QPSI technology eliminates this problem with measurements that require no special setup or calibration, and cycle times are typically within a second or two of standard PSI measurements.

ZYGO offers the new APM650™ packaging metrology system designed to provide 2D and 3D measurements of a variety of surface features with sub-nanometer vertical precision and sub-micron lateral precision. This inspection tool is ideal for the automated measurement of panel based PCBs and other advanced packaging applications.

The VerifireTM XL is a large-aperture, downward-viewing interferometer workstation designed for simple metrology of large flat surfaces up to twelve inches in diameter. The VerifireTM XL workstation comes with QPSI acquisition technology that enables true on-axis surface form metrology, without degradation from production floor vibrations.

ZYGO's Verifire and VerifireTM HD Interferometer System is designed to provide transmitted wavefront measurements of optical components and assemblies, and fast, high-resolution measurements of flat or spherical surfaces. The system features a high-speed, 2k x 2k pixel CCD camera and an optimized optical design to reliably measure surface features.  The Mx™ software package provides the ability to calculate mid-spatial frequency content with Power Spectral Density (PSD) and the diffraction simulation tool.

The ZeGage™ Pro and ZeGage™ Pro HR are scanning white light interferometers that provide 3D optical surface profiling for the measurement of precision surfaces that require non-contact metrology. The base ZeGage™ Pro model delivers surface mapping at the nanometer scale, meeting the needs for most industrial surfaces. For smoother samples with a much finer surface finish, the ZeGage™ Pro HR offers more than 20X higher precision with 0.15 nm vertical precision.

The Verifire™ interferometer is a true common-path Fizeau configuration that ensures accurate metrology and “ripple-free” phase measurements in vibration-prone environments. It is well suited for providing accurate surface metrology in both production and quality control environments.

The DynaFiz™ interferometer is a high performance laser interferometer designed to measure the surface form of optics in the presence of turbulent air, or in environments susceptible to extreme vibrations.  The system’s long life, high powered HeNe laser source enables reliable metrology at the camera’s maximum shutter speeds of cavities with low reflectivity.   This proprietary laser and optimized optical system in the DynaFiz system  allows the interferometer to “freeze” the vibration during acquisition so that dynamic metrology can be conducted in environments that are too violent for traditional temporal phase shifting.

The Nexview™ 3D optical profiler microscope stands out amongst competitive products by its ability to measure the topography of virtually any surface, irrespective of roughness, large steps and segments, thin films, steep slopes, with feature heights ranging from < 1 nm up to 20000 µm. It does all this in 3D, without contact, and provides the best qualities of other profiling technologies (stylus, confocal, focus scanning) without their limitations.


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