Absolute Position Measurement System: ZPS System

Absolute Position Measurement System: ZPS System

The new ZPS™ System from Zygo Corporation is designed to measure absolute position via ultra-compact optical sensors with a resolution of 0.01 nm and less than 1 nm of non-linearity. The system is typically used for closed-loop feedback systems that require continuous streams of high-precision position data from multiple sensors to maintain precise positioning and alignment.

ZPS’ fiber-fed optical sensors do not generate heat and are insensitive to electromagnetic interference, making them ideal for use in high-precision applications such as deformable mirrors and lens positioning. Optional accessories enable automatic compensation for ambient environmental changes in real time.

Key ZPS system features include:

  • Non-contact optical measurement
  • Repeatable absolute position (≤ 0.5 nm, 3σ)
  • High-precision system using proprietary compensation algorithms
  • Scalable up to 64 channels

For more information on the ZPS system, download the datasheet.