Nexview™ 3D Optical Surface Profiler

3D Optical Surface Profiler: Nexview™

The Nexview™ 3D optical profiler microscope stands out amongst competitive products by its ability to measure the topography of virtually any surface, irrespective of roughness, large steps and segments, thin films, steep slopes, with feature heights ranging from < 1 nm up to 20000 µm. It does all this in 3D, without contact, and provides the best qualities of other profiling technologies (stylus, confocal, focus scanning) without their limitations.

The Nexview profiler utilizes the all-new Mx™ software that powers complete system control and data analysis, including interactive 3D plots, quantitative topography information, intuitive measurement navigation, and built in SPC with statistics, control charting, pass/fail limits, an intuitive user interface and floating tool strips.

The profiler can be carefully automated with programmed sequences to measure multiple part segments, recipe based in-tray part measurements, or wide-area part stitching of larger surfaces into a single measurement. A large work area with clear lines of sight helps to make simple and quick measurement setups and changeovers. Additional application modules for specific requirements, such as measurement in the presence of transparent films and 2D vision analysis, are also available.

For additional information on performance, test part characteristics, environmental requirements and more, download the brochure.













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