Production Ready 3D Optical Profiler: ZeGage™ Pro

Production Ready 3D Optical Profiler: ZeGage™ Pro

The ZeGage™ Pro and ZeGage™ Pro HR are scanning white light interferometers that provide 3D optical surface profiling for the measurement of precision surfaces that require non-contact metrology. The base ZeGage™ Pro model delivers surface mapping at the nanometer scale, meeting the needs for most industrial surfaces. For smoother samples with a much finer surface finish, the ZeGage™ Pro HR offers more than 20X higher precision with 0.15 nm vertical precision.

The ZeGage™ profilers are constructed with a compact benchtop-friendly design. These profilers also feature SureScan™ technology for vibration robust metrology, and ZYGO's Part Finder and Smart Setup tools make sample changes fast and easy, minimizing wasted time and maximizing throughput.

Key Features:

  • Vibration resistant design ensures high-precision, non-contact metrology regardless of operating environment
  • In compliance with ISO 25178 standards for surface roughness parameters
  • No-contact, area-based measurements are insensitive to part lay
  • No consumables are required to conduct 3D optical surface profiling

For more information on how the ZeGage 3D optical surface profiler's powerful visualization, quantitative results, simultaneous 2D and 3D metrology, and interactive tools can increase precision, decrease costs, and save your organization time, download the datasheets. Click here to visit the webpage.

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