GettyImages-140237957 military helicopter SWIR & NIR Imaging In Aerial Electro-Optical Systems (EOS)

Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) sensors, offering advantages in low-light conditions and daylight imaging, have emerged as crucial components in advanced aerial Electro-Optical System (EOS) products.



  • Simply put, machine vision is a technology that gives industrial equipment the ability to “see” what it is doing while computer vision is an AI that processes and visualizes information, much like a human would. But things in this life aren’t always simple, are they?

  • A method of classifying the ripeness of peppers using hyperspectral imaging was in the news recently but the technology has been a part of the agriculture industry for decades. Learn more about this non-invasive technique that can determine a pepper's firmness and a whole lot more.

  • Scientific cameras are pivotal in biophotonics, enabling high-resolution imaging, spectral analysis, time-lapse observation, and quantitative analysis of biological processes from cellular to molecular levels. They empower diverse applications, from capturing dynamic events in microseconds to non-invasively studying biological structures, playing a critical role in advancing fields like medicine, biology, environmental science, and agriculture through their tailored functionalities for specific scientific needs.

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  • Before 2023 comes to an end we want to go on record with three things that we guarantee will happen in 2024.

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