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The Max Plank Institute for Intelligent Systems has dedicated itself to complex fundamental research using a Phantom Ultrahigh-speed (UHS) Camera for precise observation and versatile analysis.


  • The Phantom Miro C211 is an economical and easy-to-use high-speed camera with higher frame rates than many other cameras in this category. It is easy to use with standard cable setups.

  • The SP504S camera accurately captures and analyzes wavelengths from 340 nm to 1100nm. With an unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio, it is ideal for beam profiling of very large beams.

  • The APX-PSD-XVInG-3.1 is a high sensitivity, low noise, 2mm diameter active area EXTENDED VISIBLE (ExV) InGaAs position sensitive detector for applications at visible, NIR, and SWIR wavelengths range.

  • The Phantom T2410 is part of the T-Series platform, delivering the power of our back side Illuminated sensor technology with data throughput at 24 Gpx/sec. The compact, easy-to-use platform is perfect for light-starved industrial and scientific applications.

  • Raptor offers a range of CCD-based cooled detectors to meet OEM requirements across a range of spectroscopy applications.



  • Raptor Photonics — Leaders In Digital Camera Solutions

    Raptor Photonics' Mark Donaghy takes us inside their corporate headquarters in Larne, Northern Ireland (UK), and discusses the company's products, markets, and manufacturing processes and capabilities.

  • OCT Systems Start to Finish

    This webinar examines what's involved in designing an optical coherence tomography (OCT) system for manufacture and assembly. (DFMA).

  • StingRay FireAnt Demo With 640x512 10µm Sensor

    This demo video demonstrates fully corrected SWIR continuous zoom imagery using a 10µm pixel VGA sensor whose smaller FPA and pixel results in narrower FOV and smaller IFOV.

  • What Is SWIR?

    Sensors Unlimited, a world leader in the research and development of InGaAs technology, explains the electromagnetic spectrum with a deep dive into the infrared waveband.