SPIE Photonics West 2024


SPIE Photonics West, the world's largest photonics technologies event, is coming to San Francisco from January 27 through February 1. 

This event is, as always, your yearly opportunity to learn from the most cutting-edge research in biomedical optics, biophotonics, industrial lasers, optoelectronics, microfabrication, MOEMS-MEMS, displays, quantum technologies, and more.

Our friends at SPIE have lined up nearly 4,800 presentations, 97 conferences, 57 courses, and 7 plenary events featuring nearly 30 speakers. You'll also have opportunities to discuss your product requirements with top optics and photonics suppliers at any of the four exhibitions throughout the week.

Register now and make plans to attend. And, when you get there, swing by Booth #3375 where the Photonics Online crew will be waiting to meet you!

Find out more about Photonics West here and browse the complete list of program offerings here.

See you in San Francisco!



  • Join Arshey Patadia as he explains improvements Laser Components is making to advance their avalanche photodiode offerings. Learn more by watching the video from day one at Photonics West 2022.

  • Laser Components is pleased to partner with Micro-Hybrid Electronics, a German company that produces infrared components for test/measurement applications. Matthias Gunther explains his desire to increase Micro-Hybrid’s footprint in the United States.

  • On the last day of Photonics West 2022, Jennifer Piper at BaySpec discussed hyperspectral cameras, including the GoldenEye Snapshot imager, which is ideal for low-light applications.

  • On the last day of Photonics West 2022, Jim Sullivan with Schneider Optics introduced the JADE series – a family of lenses designed for an image diagonal of 19.3 mm and optimized for machine vision applications.

  • High-Precision Micro-Optics For Miniaturization

    If you’re struggling with miniaturization challenges – this one is for you. Aaron Johnson with Accumold explains how micro-plastics offer a light and inexpensive solution to miniaturization challenges.

  • Extended SWIR Response T2SL Camera For Beam Profiling Applications

    On the third and final day of Photonics West 2022, we met with Martin Ettenberg at Princeton Infrared to learn more about the new 1280BPCam – an extended SWIR camera that enables imaging from visible wavelengths out to 2100nm and is ideal for beam profiling applications.

  • Detect Damaging Effects In Transparent/Semi-transparent Materials

    We caught up with Andrew Bridges at Photron on day two of Photonics West 2022 to learn more about the Crysta – a high speed polarization camera used for the two-dimensional analysis of birefringence measurements, film thickness analysis, and surface roughness inspection.

  • Raptor: 15 Years Of Growth In The Digital Camera Industry

    Mark Donaghy of Raptor Photonics introduces a range of digital cameras and lenses including SWIR cameras that can capture images anywhere from large animals to tiny cancer cells. Raptor’s line of cameras also includes defense and surveillance imaging capabilities at the product and component levels.

  • High-Speed Cameras For Image Delivery

    We met with Chris Kerr on day two of Photonics West 2022 as he discusses Vision Research’s two new cameras. Direct-to-fiber, longer ethernet cables allow for high speed image delivery.

  • Developing Better Laser Processes

    Félicien Legrand with Gentec-EO met with us on the second day of Photonics West 2022 to explain why your time is better spent developing improved laser processes when compared to the time invested in setting up laser beam diagnostic tools. He also gave us a brief introduction to the new Miro Altitude – a laser power display and energy device ideal for even the most demanding applications.