Picture1 The Application Of WDM Channel Skip Filters

Channel skip filters enable precision band splitting in telecommunications options, offering improved performance over edge pass filters at a cost adaptable to any project budget.

  • Laser Forensics: The Invisible, Revealed And Measured

    According to the developers at Scanovis, brushes, powder and chemicals will soon be tools of the past for securing evidence at crime scenes. The company has developed a laser-based solution that, among other things, uses IR laser radiation to detect fingerprints at the scene of a crime, quickly making them visible in a 3D scan and recording them digitally. Decisive factors for this technological breakthrough are the precision of the results delivered by the laser scanner and the easy handling of the system. But how to adjust the optics of a system using a low power laser in the mid-infrared spectrum? Working together with Ophir's measurement experts, the company was able to combine different measurement methods to this end.

  • Technical Note: Guide To Glass

    Guide to Glass provides information about the types of glass and their associated thermal, optical, chemical, mechanical, and electrical properties; Understanding light & color; glare reduction; and glass Strengthening methods using heat and chemicals.

  • Advantages Of Multiple Band Pass Filters In Telecommunications Applications

    Multi band filters help optimize price-performance balance while also conserving space, simplifying design, and improving (or offering equivalent) performance versus single band filters.

  • New Metrology Techniques For Advanced Thin Film Optical Filters

    Alluxa’s thin film optical filter technology has advanced to the point where the spectral slopes and blocking levels are challenging even the best metrology equipment and techniques. This paper discusses the issues and provides solutions to measuring the spectral response of this new class of high performance filters.

  • Flat Top, Ultra-Narrow Bandpass Optical Filters Using Plasma Deposited Hard Oxide Coatings

     Alluxa’s new class of ultra-narrow filters are designed for applications such as laser clean up, LIDAR, telecommunications and instrumentation and offer the narrowest and “squarest” filter profiles in the visible and NIR as well as transmission levels that approach 100%.

  • Specifying Plasma Deposited Hard-Coated Optical Thin Film Filters

    This paper defines major filter types and discusses how to specify key attributes while also optimizing cost. The filter types discussed include band pass types of ultra-square high cavity count, ultra-narrow and soft coating replacements, and dichroic and polychroic tilted beamsplitter filters.


  • Ophir® SupIR 50-1350mm f/5.5 Motorized Continuous Zoom Lens

    The SupIR 50-1350mm f/5.5 is a motorized continuous zoom lens with the longest available focal length and zoom ratio. It is designed for use in UAV payloads with its excellent detection range of more than 25 km.

  • Motorized Continuous Zoom Lens: SupIR 26-105 mm f/1.6

    The SupIR 26-105 mm f/1.6 is a continuous zoom lens providing greater than 6 km detection range for a variety of applications such as homeland security, boarder control, maritime, and security and surveillance. It offers maximum performance at a minimal price, rivaling similar products on the market.

  • Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope: MCL-NSOM

    The MCL-NSOM is a near field scanning optical microscope using a resonant probe. The MCL-NSOM is built on a microscope platform with access to optical pathways making it ideal to use with optical microscopy techniques. The MCL-NSOM includes 6 axes of motorized positioning and 3 axes of closed loop nanopositioning for exceptional position resolution. The NSOM can be operated in 5 standard NSOM modes and can also be used solely as a resonant probe AFM.

  • RM21® MicroMirror TIRF Microscope

    The MicroMirror TIRF microscope is a unique single molecule microscope. Spatial separation of the excitation and emission beams and the use of broadband micromirrors leads to superior signal-to-noise ratios for multi-wavelength TIRF microscopy. The open access to the excitation and emission optical pathways makes this the ideal platform to implement a range of biophysical techniques simultaneously. 

  • BEAMAGE-M2: Automated M-Squared Measurement System

    The BEAMAGE-M2 is an automated M-squared measurement system comprising the BEAMAGE-4M, 5 lenses, 3 ND filters, and 2 external beam-steering mirrors. It is the only M2 system on the market equipped with a complete set of 50 mm optics and a sensor aperture of 11.3 x 11.3 mm.

  • HOLOEYE’s PLUTO-2: The Complete Spatial Light Modulator (SLM)

    Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) are used as adaptive optical elements that modulates light spatially in amplitude or phase. Laser Components offers these devices based on either reflective (LCOS) or translucent (LCD) liquid crystal microdisplays.

  • Custom And OEM Optical Filter Development

    At Alluxa, we are continually striving to improve our products by researching and developing novel thin-film technologies. Therefore, we welcome any custom optical filter requests for non-standard spectral shapes, unusual coating materials, tunable filters, extreme blocking, or any other challenging technical specifications.

  • ULTRA Series Dielectric Mirrors

    Alluxa's ULTRA Series of high-reflectivity dielectric mirrors provide close to 100% reflection over a broad or precise range of wavelengths. Each hard coated, thin-film dielectric mirror is resistant to laser damage and all will boost instrument performance by preserving light source intensity.


  • Ophir® SupIR 50-1350mm f/5.5 2020 Innovators Award Winner

    Ophir Optronics Solutions LTD. an MKS company, is honored to receive the GOLD INNOVATORS AWARD from Laser Focus World magazine for the SupIR 50-1350mm f/5.5, an ultra-long MWIR zoom lens for advanced thermal imaging applications.

  • How Do Your Industrial Coatings Systems Hold Up?

    Laser Components, a global manufacturer of laser optics, offers a wide array of optimally adapted products to meet every customer’s unique requirements. From substrate production and coatings to thorough outgoing goods inspection, all operating steps are carried out in house. Many end products, such as internal coating optics from NUTECH, require small numbers of precisely manufactured optics, used to equip tubes and hollow bodies with corrosion and wear protection from the inside.

  • Ultrashort Pulse Lasers For Large Components

    A paradigm shift is underway in manufacturing. A research team with staff from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen on its roster has broken new ground by using numerous laser beams as tools to structure surfaces.

  • Blocking Vibrations That Remove Heat Could Boost Efficiency Of Next-Gen Solar Cells

    Led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, a study of a solar-energy material with a bright future revealed a way to slow phonons, the waves that transport heat.

  • Jabil Photonics Successfully Trials Unamplified Links Reaching General Availability Of Its CFP2 Digital Coherent Optics (DCO) 100G/200G Module

    Jabil Inc. today announced that its Photonics business unit, a leading provider of customized end-to-end design, manufacturing and test solutions for optical communications products, successfully completed live network trials for the application of 100G in unamplified metro regional link scenarios.

  • Chemical Innovation Stabilizes Best-Performing Perovskite Formulation

    Publishing in Science, researchers at EPFL have successfully overcome a limiting problem with stabilizing the best-performing formulation of metal-halide perovskite films, a key player in a range of applications, including solar cells.

  • PG&O® Offers Highly-Durable Sapphire Optics

    Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O - www.pgo.com), a world-renowned precision glass, fabricated optics, and thin-film optical coatings manufacturer, now offers sapphire optics for a wide variety of highly durable and broad spectrum applications in medical, military, industrial, and aerospace tasks. Sapphire optics are ideal for use in lasers, imaging, LEDs, fiber optics, and more.

  • Discover The New Bandpass Filter BP 850-80 HT From Schneider-Kreuznach

    Schneider-Kreuznach is pleased to present the new BP 850-80 HT infrared filter as an addition to its range of bandpass filters. This filter has been specially developed for applications with powerful infrared high-power LED’s (850nm), which are becoming increasingly popular. Cameras equipped with these LED’s can deliver night-time images up to 20-30 meters. The Schneider-Kreuznach infrared filter in combination with an 850nm LED light source produces strong and shadow-free infrared illumination that is visible to many sensors but invisible to the human eye. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for the use in surveillance systems and industrial applications.