Edmund Optics - focal length Lens Spacers, Shims, And Focal Length Extenders

Applications can require a lens to stretch beyond its limits or be precisely dialed-in to its ideal design parameters. Lens spacers, shims, and focal length extenders are simple tools a user can easily use to achieve these requirements.

  • Optical Filter Spectral Features

    Optical filters selectively transmit light in a particular range of wavelengths. The spectral features of optical filters are important for selecting the right filter for a particular application.

  • Designing Optical Filters For Earth Observation And Satcom

    Space is the new technological frontier with constellations of satellites designed for earth observation and satellite communications gathering data at unprecedented rates. These next-generation satellites need next-generation technology.

  • ClearView Theater Projection Port Glass Windows

    ClearView from Abrisa Technologies is a high-end projection port window glass designed to increase transmissivity and ensure a high quality, bright and sharp image. This application note discusses ClearView glass features, and the benefits of using it in IMAX Theaters, digital cinemas, 3D projection technology, home theaters, and museums.

  • Why Flexibility Is Important In Optics Material Selection

    Dan Bukaty Jr., President of Precision Glass & Optics discusses why a flexible approach to material selection in the manufacturing process is important to help protect optics manufacturing lead times against material shortages.

  • Miniaturized Piezo Tubes In High-Resolution Scanning Fiber Endoscopy

    Miniaturized piezo tubes generate a scanning movement of the optical fiber in scanning fiber endoscopes, providing more image information, new findings in biomedical research, and improved minimally invasive procedures in everyday clinical practice.

  • Fully Customizable Opal Diffusers – Any Size, Any Shape From 0.059 Inches To Approx. 12 Inches

    Precision Glass & Optics,  a global leader in optical manufacturing, precision thin-film coatings, and complete optical solutions, introduces Opal Diffusers. The new product is made from opal glass and can be polished to any thickness and/or bonded to any glass substrate.


  • The Ophir SWIR & NIR 25-250mm f/5.5 (NFOV) f/4.0 (WFOV) is a continuous zoom lens that can be used in the 0.7-1.7 um SWIR regime. It is designed for 5μm, 10μm SXGA & 15μm VGA SWIR detectors and has a lightweight design weighing less than 860 grams.

  • The NBP 450-40 blue narrow bandpass has a peak wavelength of 450 nm,  making it ideal for use with blue lasers and LEDs.

  • Canon’s SR Series Ultra Miniature Optical Encoder is a highly miniaturized and high-resolution optical encoder ideal for applications involving linear/rotary motion and speed control.

  • Industry-leading high-performance, fully digital galvano scanning system from Canon. LED optical encoder (digital position sensor) with high speed digital servo controller brings high precision and high accuracy that surpasses all analog galvano scanners in the market.

  • The Fiber-Q® series fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulators offer a high extinction ratio, low insertion loss, and excellent stability in both polarization-maintaining (PM) and non-PM formats.

  • The PYRITE series of lenses are the universal lens solution, featuring a small and compact design, very low distortion and high resolution, and covering a wide working distance range.

  • Abrisa Technologies offers ultra-thin (0.1 to 0.55 mm) mirrors that can be inserted into compact devices needing miniaturization, ultra-lightweight properties, or where space for beam steering is at a premium. 

  • Bus bars provide the pathways for electrical connectivity or grounding points to transparent conductive coatings and are themselves, made of conductive material.