Zygo - Large Scale Optics When The Goal Is Large Scale Optics

When companies need to scale up the size of their windows and mirrors while maintaining the most exacting of optical specifications, the competence of a chosen partner is essential.


  • The PYRITE series of lenses are the universal lens solution, featuring a small and compact design, very low distortion and high resolution, and covering a wide working distance range.

  • Abrisa Technologies offers ultra-thin (0.1 to 0.55 mm) mirrors that can be inserted into compact devices needing miniaturization, ultra-lightweight properties, or where space for beam steering is at a premium. 

  • Bus bars provide the pathways for electrical connectivity or grounding points to transparent conductive coatings and are themselves, made of conductive material.

  • The Thulite Series Lenses from Schneider Optics are a set of high-end lenses for APS-C sized 2” sensors and typical machine vision applications.

  • For two decades, Abrisa has supplied optical solutions for manufacturers of bio-medical and FDA-regulated devices and biochips with a critical need for quality control, consistency, and reliability.

  • Abrisa Technologies offers custom coating services and innovative total solutions of coated and fabricated technology glass for imaging, sensing, and laser scanning applications.

  • G&H's Pockels Cells enable higher performance and reliability across numerous laser applications, providing increased optical power. The standard product ranges can accommodate wavelengths from from UV to IR (200 nm -12 μm).

  • BOROFLOAT® 33 is a UV-NIR transparent borosilicate float glass with excellent optical properties and smooth low scatter surfaces straight off the float process. It is an economical high performance material, making it ideal for the volume manufacture of windows, mirrors, filters, display glass, 3D build platforms, and other components.



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