GettyImages-601151992 LCD sign Protecting Liquid Crystal Displays From Sunlight Damage

Protecting LCDs from sunlight damage is crucial for outdoor applications, as UV and IR radiation can degrade organic components, leading to color shifts, image washout, and overheating.


  • X-ray leaded glass is a radiation shielding glass that contains a high content of heavy metallic oxides that provide protection against X-rays and Y-rays for use in the medical and technical fields.

  • This line of ruggedized, precision C-mount lenses is the perfect choice for many demanding industrial applications, characterized by their exceptional resistance to shock and vibration.

  • Precision XY Saw Cutting offers high-volume, small-part fabrication with tight tolerances, ideal for optical components requiring precise dimensions and low defects.

  • The LightIR thermal imaging zoom lenses are lightweight, compact, and high-performance, designed for a range of reduced SWaP applications, including UAVs, aircraft vision systems, drones, and more.

  • Edge Blackening is the application of a matte black paint to the edges of an optical filter to prevent stray light inside the filter from re-entering the light path outside the filter.

  • Transform your optical systems with Semrock filters - the brightest, most durable, and spectrally sophisticated filters in the market.

  • The Melles Griot XPLAN Lens Series fluorescence microscope imaging systems enable the rapid development of breadboard instruments for next-gen sequencing, proteomics, and spatial biology applications.

  • The Ophir SWIR & NIR 25-250mm f/5.5 (NFOV) f/4.0 (WFOV) continuous zoom lens is a first-to-market low-Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) compact lens.