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  1. New Laser Methods Create Dazzling Colors On Metals

    A variety of laser-based techniques can be used to produce colorful artwork on metals. However, each approach typically requires a different type of laser and very specific settings.

  2. Iridian Spectral Expands With New Coating Systems And Processing Equipment

    Iridian has recently added new coating systems and processing equipment to significantly expand our capacity and capability to continue to provide technically and commercially leading optical filters to our customers.

  3. A Polariton Filter Turns Ordinary Laser Light Into Quantum Light

    An international team of researchers led out of Macquarie University has demonstrated a new approach for converting ordinary laser light into genuine quantum light.

  4. Engineered Metasurfaces Reflect Waves In Unusual Directions

    In our day lives, we can find many examples of manipulation of reflected waves such as mirrors to see our reflections or reflective surfaces for sound that improve auditorium acoustics. When a wave impinges on a reflective surface with a certain angle of incidence and the energy is sent back, the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence.

  5. II-VI Incorporated Unveils 800 mW High Reliability Pump Laser For Next Generation Undersea Networks

    II‐VI Incorporated (Nasdaq: IVI), a global leader in optical components and modules for undersea networks, today announced the unveiling of its 800 mW high reliability pump lasers for next generation undersea networks.

  6. Researchers Discover Anti-Laser Masquerading As Perfect Absorber

    Researchers at Duke University have discovered that a perfect absorber of electromagnetic waves they described in a 2017 paper can easily be tweaked into a sort of “time-reversed laser” known as a coherent perfect absorber (CPA).

  7. Quantum Launch Into The Future

    A research centre in Sydney is developing world-leading technology that will transform the information economy and industries of the future.

  8. Shaping Light Lets 2D Microscopes Capture 4D Data

    Rice University researchers have added a new dimension to their breakthrough technique that expands the capabilities of standard laboratory microscopes.

  9. Controlling And Visualising Receptor Signals In Neural Cells

    Using a novel optogenetic tool, researchers have successfully controlled, reproduced and visualised serotonin receptor signals in neural cells. To this end, they modified a photosensitive membrane receptor in the eye, namely melanopsin.

  10. Laser Pulses Light The Way To Tuning Topological Materials For Spintronics And Quantum Computing

    Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory have discovered a means of controlling the surface conductivity of a three-dimensional (3D) topological insulator, a type of material that has potential applications in spintronic devices and quantum computing.