Improving Additive Manufacturing With The Help Of Infrared
Additive manufacturing technologies create components directly from a computer model, adding material only where needed. This app note discusses how infrared cameras can help manufacturers find systematic problems and determine the changes needed to maintain product quality.  Continue Reading..
LIST Researchers Use FLIR Cameras To Study The Electrocaloric Effect
Refrigerant devices typically use fluid coolants turned into gases to cool things down. These gases, however, may become harmful to the environment, so research is being done on the use of solid materials as a substitute to cool down food, beverages, medicine, and even electronic devices.  Continue Reading..
Miniaturize Your Optical System Into A Photonic Integrated Circuit
Embedding photonic functionalities into an integrated optical chip can often simplify and reduce the size of a system. This white paper introduces the basic concepts of photonic integration with a goal to help the reader understand how it can improve optical systems.  Continue Reading..
Infrared Imaging For Material Characterization In Fracture Mechanics Experiments
When developing new materials, the characterization of mechanical properties becomes extremely important. This application note covers the process of performing tensile and shear tests on an variety of materials using high-speed and high-definition infrared imaging.  Continue Reading..


Need to integrate laser beam measurements in a system? Gentec-EO can make it happen thanks to a broad range of custom solutions. All products can be customized to meet specific requirements and they can all be used as original equipment manufacturing.

The MesaTM is a diode pumped laser that has been optimized for Ti: Sapphire ultrafast amplifier pumping at 6-10 GHz. Its high power/energy, high uptime, precise depth control, fast cutting/drilling, superior beam quality, small spot size, and high throughput make is especially ideal for materials processing applications.