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nano positioning white paper
How Motorized Positioners Meet The Requirements Of Vacuum Applications
This white paper focuses on motorized positioners for vacuum applications, describing how they are designed, manufactured, and tested. The paper also discusses what materials are permissible for different vacuum levels and subsequent quality control measurements that can be performed.  Continue Reading..
Photonic Array Device Assembly
PI’s Fast Multichannel Photonic Alignment (FMPA) technology was introduced in 2016.  It quickly amassed prestigious honors like the R&D 100 Award and the Lightwave Innovations Award for its revolutionary ability to perform multiple alignment processes in parallel. Download the case study for the full story.  Continue Reading..
High Resolution Steps For Angular Displacement Using The Nano-MTA2
This app note presents data demonstrating the Nano-MTA2's ability to take extremely small steps of 25 nanoradians and for these steps to be discerned by an external measurement. This performance is possible due to the low noise and high-resolution capabilities of PicoQ® sensors.  Continue Reading..
Controlling Hexapod 6-DOF Alignment Robots Via EtherCAT®
This white paper presents the latest generation of PI hexapod controllers with integrated EtherCAT interface now make it very easy for users to integrate hexapods into automation systems without the need for to perform challenging kinematic transformations.  Continue Reading..
How To Use A Motion Control System For Spiral 3D Tomography Based On Air Bearings, Linear Motors And Piezo Motors
How To Use A Motion Control System For Spiral 3D Tomography Based On Air Bearings, Linear Motors And Piezo Motors
This application note presents the new motion control system and explains how it works based on air bearings, linear motors, and piezo motors.  Continue Reading..
Engineered Precision Motion Systems – From Laser Machining To Photonics Alignment Benefits From Holistic Approach
Engineered Precision Motion Systems – From Laser Machining To Photonics Alignment Benefits From Holistic Approach
A multi-axis precision motion system with higher dynamics and throughput targets must have a more holistic design approach to achieve success. There are many obvious advantages to the user when the mechanics, control electronics, and software of a system are designed by the same team.  Continue Reading..
Motion Control Advances For Laser Micromachining And Microprocessing
Motion Control Advances For Laser Micromachining And Microprocessing
Many laser micromachining and micro processing engineers face challenges of delivering laser pulses to a workpiece with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, among other attributes. This article discusses how these issues can now be solved with PI’s motion/CNC controller technologies.  Continue Reading..


The DPT-E range of actuators by Prior Scientific are designed with capacitive feedback control to give precise positioning, accuracy, and speed.

The NanoScan OP400 from Prior Scientific is a nanopositioning Piezo objective scanner. There are many applications for this product including optical sectioning producing 3D images, autofocus systems for time lapse imaging, high content screening, surface analysis, wafer inspection, and scanning interferometry. 

Prior Scientific's NanoScan-SP range of Piezo driven stages are compatible with the Prior motorized stage as well as many common microscopes when using appropriate adapter plates. Applications for this series include live cell imaging, surface analysis, water inspection, and more.

The A-523 by PI is an air bearing Z tip/tilt stage with direct drive. The Z tip/tilt stage is ideally suited for high-precision applications including wafer inspection, fiber positioning, optics positioning, flat screen inspection, maskless lithography, and ultra-LED manufacturing.

The V-931 is a high dynamics PIMag® voice coil motor from PI that can be utilized in many application fields. Uses include beam stabilization, satellite communication, image processing and stabilization, laser micromachining/tuning/scanning, beam steering with large deflection angles, and many others.

The P-911KNMV from PI features a space-saving parallel-kinematic design, producing a low overall height of less than 90 mm and a diameter of only 100 mm. The NEXLINE® piezo stepping motor drives and integrated incremental sensors ensure a position resolution down to 0.1 µm in the linear axes.

The Vacuum-Compatible 6-Axis Hexapod: H-850.V from PI can position heavy loads up to 80kg, featuring heavy-duty, reliable precision bearings that allow applications with long duty cycles. Fields of application are research and industry, including astronomy, optics positioning, and aerospace.

The H-824.V vacuum-compatible 6-axis hexapod from PI is compact, precise, and best suited for research and industry applications. Additional applications for this parallel positioner include micromanipulation, biotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing.