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The H-811.I2 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod is a fast, compact, and highly precise positioning system, ideal for industrial and research applications such as micromanufacturing and medical technology.

The F-143 is a unique photonics alignment system consisting of a multi-axis, frictionless air bearing stage and an ACS / EtherCat-based high-performance motion controller with embedded first light search and alignment algorithms. 

The direct-drive rotation stages of the V-62x series are designed for precision, high stiffness, a long lifetime, and ease of use, and can be mounted in any orientation.

The F-716 is a high-precision, high performance air bearing motion system with six degrees of freedom ideal for Fast Multi- Channel Photonics Alignment (FMPA) involving fiber arrays, silicon photonics circuits, and wafer level short range metrology applications.

Hexapods, 6-axis positioning stages, are based on parallel kinematics, and often referred to as Stewart Platforms. A hexapod positioning system is based on a 6-axis actuator system arranged in parallel between a top and bottom platform.

The stages in the PIglide are equipped with a servo drive linear motor with preloaded air bearings and integrated linear encoder. The combination of these noncontact components results in a frictionless motion platform that offers the highest performance, quality, and lifetime.

The V-62x stages offer superior performance regarding travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble. The direct-drive rotation stages of the V-62x series are designed for precision, high stiffness, a long lifetime, and ease of use.

Precision-class XY stages are suitable for applications that require fast precision positioning. When switched off, the drive holds the stage stable, reducing energy consumption and heat generation.