Positioning Equipment


Photonic Array Device Assembly
PI’s Fast Multichannel Photonic Alignment (FMPA) technology was introduced in 2016.  It quickly amassed prestigious honors like the R&D 100 Award and the Lightwave Innovations Award for its revolutionary ability to perform multiple alignment processes in parallel. Download the case study for the full story.  Continue Reading..
High Resolution Steps For Angular Displacement Using The Nano-MTA2
This application note presents data that demonstrates the Nano-MTA2 ability to take extremely small steps of 25 nanoradians and for these steps to be discerned by an external measurement. This performance is possible due to the low noise and high-resolution capabilities of the PicoQ® sensors that are exclusive to Mad City Labs systems.  Continue Reading..
Controlling Hexapod 6-DOF Alignment Robots Via EtherCAT®
This white paper presents the latest generation of PI hexapod controllers with integrated EtherCAT interface now make it very easy for users to integrate hexapods into automation systems without the need for to perform challenging kinematic transformations.  Continue Reading..
How To Use A Motion Control System For Spiral 3D Tomography Based On Air Bearings, Linear Motors And Piezo Motors
How To Use A Motion Control System For Spiral 3D Tomography Based On Air Bearings, Linear Motors And Piezo Motors
This application note presents the new motion control system and explains how it works based on air bearings, linear motors, and piezo motors.  Continue Reading..
Engineered Precision Motion Systems – From Laser Machining To Photonics Alignment Benefits From Holistic Approach
Engineered Precision Motion Systems – From Laser Machining To Photonics Alignment Benefits From Holistic Approach
A multi-axis precision motion system with higher dynamics and throughput targets must have a more holistic design approach to achieve success. There are many obvious advantages to the user when the mechanics, control electronics, and software of a system are designed by the same team.  Continue Reading..
Motion Control Advances For Laser Micromachining And Microprocessing
Motion Control Advances For Laser Micromachining And Microprocessing
Many laser micromachining and micro processing engineers face challenges of delivering laser pulses to a workpiece with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, among other attributes. This article discusses how these issues can now be solved with PI’s motion/CNC controller technologies.  Continue Reading..
Advanced Camera Manufacturing And Lens Alignment Enabled By Compact 6-Axis Micro-Robotic Hexapod Systems
Advanced Camera Manufacturing And Lens Alignment Enabled By Compact 6-Axis Micro-Robotic Hexapod Systems
Hexapod micro-motion robot technologies provide all six degrees of freedom in a stiff, compact, and high-precision structure. This app note discusses how the functionality enabled by a compact 6-axis micro-robotic hexapod system provides precise manufacturing and lens alignment in advanced cameras.  Continue Reading..


The F-712.HA2 from PI is a high-precision double-sided fiber alignment system ideally designed for applications in silicon photonics applications. These fiber alignment systems feature integrated scan routines for fiber optic alignments, automatic alignment of several fibers in <0.5s, and excellent position sensors for high accuracy and operational reliability.

The NanoCube® Nanopositioner from PI is a compact parallel-kinematic piezo system featuring the highest stiffness in all spatial directions. It is ideally used in a variety of application fields, including fiber positioning, scanning microscopy, 2-photon polymerization, nanotechnology, photonics integrated optics, micromanipulation, and sample positioning.

The Nano-Man5 is a 5-axis piezo nanopositioning system with closed loop feedback control for absolute position measurement. The compact design makes it easy to integrate into existing instrumentation. The Nano-Man5 is designed for alignment applications that require 3 linear axes combined with tip/tilt capabilities. The included position sensors ensure picometer and nanoradian accuracy under closed loop control.

The MMP series comprises precision, stepper motor driven micropositioning systems with up to 25mm of travel.  They are available in 1, 2 or 3 axis configurations but can be employed in a modular design. The proprietary intelligent control scheme results in exceptional stability with high native precision. The MMP series has been designed for use with our closed loop nanopositioners.

The Nano-Bio series offers ultra-low profile XY piezo nanopositioning systems with up to 300 microns of travel per axis. The Nano-Bio Series includes exclusive PicoQ® sensors yielding low noise and high stability performance under closed loop control. These attributes make this series ideal for single molecule microscopy, optical trapping, and atomic force microscopy.

The Nano-MTA Series are piezo nanopositioning mirror tip/tilt actuators. With nanoradian resolution, the Nano-MTA Series is ideal for applications involving laser beam steering, tracking, and scanning. Proprietary PicoQ® technology provides absolute, repeatable position measurement under closed loop control. The Nano-MTA series is capable of high speed, high stability motion and has been used in applications such as gravitational wave detection which need extremely stable and precise movement.

The MadPLL® is digital phase lock loop controller designed for use with Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems as part of a DIY resonant probe atomic force microscope (AFM). MadPLL® includes AFMView™2 software, probe boards and sensor amplifier. The supplied software features automated setup, configuration control, auto-Q calculation and automatic parasitic capacitance compensation (PCC) control.

The Nano-OP Series offers a versatile range of compact, single axis piezo nanopositioners. With travel ranges up to 100 microns and a robust design, these nanopositioners are used in many different applications. The inclusion of the PicoQ® sensors ensures low noise performance under closed loop control. The Nano-OP series has been used for AFM probe control, interferometry, and optical microscopy.


  • Robot Operating System Drivers Enhance PI Hexapod Functionality

    The open source set of tools, software libraries, and rules aid in the development and control of 6-axis hexapod robot operations, newly available.

  • PI’s XYZ Piezo-Driven Nanopositioner Enables BPL Desktop Nanoprinter

    A Compact 3-Axis piezo nanopositioning stage provides precision and speed for an award-winning desktop nanoprinter by TERA-print to find applications in photonics, meta-materials, electronics, soft robotics, and biomedicine.

  • High Performance Nanopositioning Controller For Piezo Stages Provides 270W Peak Power And Nanometer Level Precision

    PI offers a high performance version of its E-727 family of multi-axis piezo nanopositioning controllers. The high power version provides 270 watts of peak power – close to 10X of the standard version. The enhanced performance is useful for dynamic, nanometer-level precision motion and positioning applications, such as FSM (fast steering mirrors) in free space optical communication and laser material processing, and scanning stages for super-resolution microscopy, semiconductor manufacturing, automated photonics alignment or high-speed tracking applications.

  • Vacuum Compatible Miniature Linear And Rotary Stages, New From PI

    PI’s family of miniature micro and nanopositioning stages is expanding with the new RS-40 rotary stage and M-111 linear stages as engineers gave specific consideration to material selection, use of lubricants and coatings, and outbakeing temperatures for high and ultra-high vacuum conditions.

  • Compact, Low-Cost Optical Power Meters For Photonics Alignment Provide High Bandwidth

    The F-712.IRP1 and its two channel sibling, the F-712.IRP2, convert optical signals in the 600nm to 1700nm range with optical power from 230 picowatts to 1.3 milliwatts into an analog output voltage of 0.1V - 1.6V. In order to be useful for fast optical alignment systems, the output signal conversion is logarithmic and optical power changes can be detected and converted with a bandwidth of 6kHz.

  • 5-Axis Stage With Closed-Loop Motors For High Precision Positioning And Fiber-Optics Alignment

    PI (Physik Instrumente) LP offers a compact 5-axis stage for precision alignment and positioning required in fields such as fiber-optics and photonics. The modular, 5DOF motorized stage consists of a 3-axis linear module and two goniometers. A multi-axis controller and software with automated alignment functionality is also available. Sub-micron precision is guaranteed by highly accurate mechanical components and encoder feedback for closed-loop operation.

  • Industrial Automation, Laser Material Processing: Interactive Virtual Tradeshow Booths, New From PI

    With tradeshows and conferences postponed, OEMs, researchers, MEs, and EEs in all fields are challenged to remain abreast of the most responsive, cutting edge motion control solutions. PI (Physik Instrumente) LP, the leading innovator of motion control solutions for 50 years, has launched a series of virtual tradeshow booths on their website, beginning with Industrial Automation and Laser Material Processing solutions.