Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM) - Design, Performance, And Tuning Of Piezo-Based Mechanisms
In free space optical communication (FSO), large amounts of data are “beamed” between two points – on earth, on aircraft or between satellites in space. Fast steering mirrors (FSM) are one means to compensate for disturbances that could keep the laser beam from hitting its target receiver precisely.   Continue Reading..
Multi-Axis Stages: Why Custom Aligned, Tuned, Error-Corrected XYZ Assemblies Are Better
Multi-axis precision motion at the micron or sub-micron level is required in many industrial automation processes as well as in test and metrology applications. Users of such motion systems often ask: Should I just get the individual components and bolt them together myself, or rather specify a complete XYZ system, mounted, aligned, and tested by a specialist? The answer depends on expectations, performance requirements, and budget.  Continue Reading..
Piezoelectric Positioning Equipment For Nanoscale Microscopy & Imaging
The compound microscope has quickly fallen behind alternative tools capable of performing high-precision materials characterization or insights into molecular activities on the nanoscale. PI offers a range of positioning equipment suitable for sub-nanometer resolution microscopy and interferometry.   Continue Reading..
How To Connect A Safety Light Barrier To A Hexapod System
This white paper from PI explains when it is useful and necessary to use a safety device, how a safety light barrier (or light curtain) works, how the risk assessment for hexapods is carried out, and how the safety device can quickly be integrated in the controller environment.  Continue Reading..
PI hexapod
What Is The Difference Between Parallel Positioners And Stacked Serial Kinematics?
When faced with a multi-axis motion application, many users stack motion stages, and in fact that is a fine approach for assemblies of just a few axes. But as applications become more complex, so do the equivalent stacks-of-stages, and very real and practical considerations begin to come into play.  Continue Reading..
Hexapod FAQs
Hexapods provide motion in all 6 Degrees of Freedom, X,Y,Z, Pitch, Roll, Yaw.  6-DoF motion platforms and positioning systems are often referred to as Stewart Platforms.  Continue Reading..
Piezo Controllers/Mechanisms: How To Select The Right Piezo Controller/Driver
When selecting a motion controller / driver for a piezo nanopositioning system, a number of questions need to be answered first.  Here’s a check list and an example that can help make the best choice.   Continue Reading..


The L-836 linear stage series with precision ball screw is suited for industrial applications that require high performance in compact design. High-performance is achieved by high resolution stepper motors, high precision cross roller bearings, and precision linear encoders. The optional foldback allows the motor to run along side the stage reducing overall footprint of the system.

The N-480 series miniature motorized kinematic optical mirror mounts are equipped with PI's high precision PiezoMike motors for ultra-high resolution angular adjustments in two tilt axes (θX and θY) down to 0.3 µrad steps.

The H-840 hexapod series is universally applicable for tasks in precision positioning. Some variants are optimized for high dynamics and can for example, be used for simulating motion whereas models with gearhead support are suitable for heavier loads.

The high-precision PIglide IS XY planar scanner with air bearing has a flat design and is an alternative to the stacked XY stages. The efficient, compact design saves space in machines with limited installation space.

Light and compact, the P-604 from PI is a PiezoMove Linear Actuator. Ideal for OEM applications in optics, medical technology, biotechnology, and microfluidics, this product is inexpensive and features a 300µm travel range.

PI's PiezoMove High-Stiffness Linear Piezo Actuator features flexure guides for linear motion with minimal tip and tilt. P-602 is available with integrated position sensors and is an ideal OEM actuator for force generation in adaptive systems technology.

The H-811.I2V hexapod from PI features a parallel-kinematic design for six degrees of freedom making it significantly more compact and stiff than serial-kinematic systems, higher dynamic range, no moved cables. Additionally, this promotes higher reliability, and reduced friction, and is suitable for vacuum environments to 10-6 hPa.

The directly driven flat rotation stages of the PIglide RLA series are designed for the highest precision. They have a low profile and a large, clear aperture. The RLA stages offer a superior travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble performance.



  • This presentation, from the APS March 2021 Meeting by Shannon Ghorbani, will give an overview of what a nanopositioning system is, and more importantly, how this versatile tool can be used across a range of physics applications.

  • In a follow-up to our first video with Scott Jordan at PI from day 1 at Photonics West 2022, we bring you part 2. He further drove the point home regarding the need for solutions featuring high-speed automation, and high-throughput and cost-effective manufacturing, and showed us tangible examples of how PI is rising to the challenge.

  • On day one of Photonics West 2022, Scott Jordan met with us to discuss the throughput-oriented architecture the photonics industry must adopt in order to address the silicon photonics production bottleneck.

  • The demo shows a closed-loop XY-table in high speed scan and alignment. These V-508 linear translation stages are run by an ACS industrial motion controller with intelligent alignment algorithms.

  • The pivot point demo shows the advantages of a programmable pivot point in hexapod parallel kinematics active alignment systems. The PI H-811 Hexapod 6-axis motion system and P-616 piezo nano-scanner are mounted on a Cascade Microtech wafer prober.

  • PI's Hexapod 6DOF Parallel Motion platforms have a very useful feature for active alignment and optimization applications - a user programmable pivot point. A high performance hexapod motion controller handles all the necessary coordinate transformations, very easy for the user.

  • Shannon from Mad City Labs takes you through the company's product line of nanopositioning systems. Learn about nanopositioners and their key attributes with this informative video.