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Piezo Components For Liquid Handling
Explore the versatile use of piezoelectric microfluidic devices in precise liquid handling for diverse applications including genomics, diagnostics, cytometry, and lab automation.  Continue Reading..
PI - custom hexapod for beamline
How to Use Hexapod 6-DOF Motion And Positioning Systems
Discover the versatile uses of hexapod positioning systems (Stewart Platforms) for multi-axis positioning, motion simulation, and 6 degrees of freedom with adjustable pivot point.  Continue Reading..
Laser Seam Welding Of Electronic Packages Using Galvo Scanners
In laser seam welding, agalvo scanner helps expand the laser source’s effective fine spot size to the seam width, lays a complex welding pattern over the motion path to create high-quality welds, increases throughput, and takes advantage of higher power laser sources.  Continue Reading..
Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM) - Design, Performance, And Tuning Of Piezo-Based Mechanisms
In free space optical communication (FSO), large amounts of data are “beamed” between two points – on earth, on aircraft or between satellites in space. Fast steering mirrors (FSM) are one means to compensate for disturbances that could keep the laser beam from hitting its target receiver precisely.   Continue Reading..
Multi-Axis Stages: Why Custom Aligned, Tuned, Error-Corrected XYZ Assemblies Are Better
Multi-axis precision motion at the micron or sub-micron level is required in many industrial automation processes as well as in test and metrology applications. Users of such motion systems often ask: Should I just get the individual components and bolt them together myself, or rather specify a complete XYZ system, mounted, aligned, and tested by a specialist? The answer depends on expectations, performance requirements, and budget.  Continue Reading..
Piezoelectric Positioning Equipment For Nanoscale Microscopy & Imaging
The compound microscope has quickly fallen behind alternative tools capable of performing high-precision materials characterization or insights into molecular activities on the nanoscale. PI offers a range of positioning equipment suitable for sub-nanometer resolution microscopy and interferometry.   Continue Reading..
How To Connect A Safety Light Barrier To A Hexapod System
This white paper from PI explains when it is useful and necessary to use a safety device, how a safety light barrier (or light curtain) works, how the risk assessment for hexapods is carried out, and how the safety device can quickly be integrated in the controller environment.  Continue Reading..


The F-716 is a high-precision, high performance air bearing motion system with six degrees of freedom ideal for Fast Multi- Channel Photonics Alignment (FMPA) involving fiber arrays, silicon photonics circuits, and wafer level short range metrology applications.

Hexapods, 6-axis positioning stages, are based on parallel kinematics, and often referred to as Stewart Platforms. A hexapod positioning system is based on a 6-axis actuator system arranged in parallel between a top and bottom platform.

The stages in the PIglide are equipped with a servo drive linear motor with preloaded air bearings and integrated linear encoder. The combination of these noncontact components results in a frictionless motion platform that offers the highest performance, quality, and lifetime.

The V-62x stages offer superior performance regarding travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble. The direct-drive rotation stages of the V-62x series are designed for precision, high stiffness, a long lifetime, and ease of use.

Precision-class XY stages are suitable for applications that require fast precision positioning. When switched off, the drive holds the stage stable, reducing energy consumption and heat generation.

The PIMars Nanopositioning Stage is a high-precision nanopositioner for up to 3 axes. This product features parallel kinematics for faster response times and higher multi-axis accuracy.

The M-545 Microscope XY Stage features a stable platform for P-545 PInano® piezo nanopositioning systems, a travel range 25 mm × 25 mm, and a low profile for easy integration. 

The PIFOC High-Load Objective Scanner is a dynamic system with a long travel range and features the highest linearity, stability, and control dynamics due to direct-measuring capacitive sensors.