Vibration-Tolerant Interferometry QPSI™ Technology

Vibration-Tolerant Interferometry QPSI™ Technology

Precision interferometric metrology faces the challenge of environmental vibrations which can ruin countless precision measurements. Vibration affects measurement results and spatial frequency analysis, making it difficult to make high quality optics without reliable measurements. Zygo’s QPSI technology eliminates this problem with measurements that require no special setup or calibration, and cycle times are typically within a second or two of standard PSI measurements.

A Zygo interferometer utilizing QPSI technology is capable of producing reliable high-precision measurements in the presence of environmental vibration from common sources such as motors, pumps, blowers, and personnel. QPSI is available exclusively from ZYGO on Verifire™ HD, Verifire™ QPZ, Verifire™ ATZ interferometer systems, and also on DynaFiz™ interferometer systems that have the PMR option installed (phase measuring receptacle).

For more key features and benefits on the QPSI technology, visit the website or download the application note.

Check out the video below for a brief introduction on the QPSI technology.