Featured News

  1. Zygo Launches Latest Generation Of ZeGage Non-Contact 3D Optical Profilers

    Zygo Corporation has announced the introduction of its latest generation of ZeGage™ 3D optical profiling instruments providing precise and rapid non-contact measurement of surface topography for enhanced quality and process control.

  2. Best-in-Class For Measuring Glass

    Zygo's new, innovative glass profiler features make measuring roughness on super-smooth surfaces a smooth process.

  3. Precision Gear Tooth Metrology

    ZYGO's precision metrology instruments help a major automaker implement precision metrology to silence differential gear noise.

  4. Zygo Launches Next-Generation 3D Optical Profilers

    Zygo Corporation’s latest generation Nexview™ NX2 and NewView™ 9000 3D optical profiling instruments precisely measure surface area topography quickly and with ease for enhanced productivity and versatility, addressing a broad range of applications.

  5. New Verifireā„¢ HDX Laser Interferometer With Ultra-High-Resolution And Imaging For Precise 3D Metrology

    Zygo Corporation is pleased to introduce the Verifire™ HDX laser interferometer system with ultra-high spatial resolution and advanced imaging for measuring surface form and transmitted wavefront of high-performance optical components and systems. At the core of the Verifire HDX is a new optical design, which delivers improved instrument transfer function (ITF) and ultra-high spatial resolution for superior characterization of midspatial frequency (MSF) characteristics and high-slope surface form errors, with high precision and confidence.

  6. ZYGO Manufactured Precision Optics Enable Scientists To Confirm Detection Of Gravitational Waves

    Zygo Corporation provided LIGO Scientific Collaboration with extremely high-precision optics for its successful detection of gravitational waves and thereby confirming one of the major predictions of Albert Einstein's 1915 General Theory of Relativity.