DynaFiz™ Dynamic Laser Interferometer Interferometer

DynaFiz™ Dynamic Laser Interferometer Interferometer

The DynaFiz™ interferometer is a high performance laser interferometer designed to measure the surface form of optics in the presence of turbulent air, or in environments susceptible to extreme vibrations.  The system’s long life, high powered HeNe laser source enables reliable metrology at the camera’s maximum shutter speeds of cavities with low reflectivity.   This proprietary laser and optimized optical system in the DynaFiz system  allows the interferometer to “freeze” the vibration during acquisition so that dynamic metrology can be conducted in environments that are too violent for traditional temporal phase shifting.

The dynamic acquisition capability of the DynaFiz interferometer includes ZYGO’s LivePhase™ acquisition technology that provides users with real-time Zernike feedback for active monitoring of an optical system’s alignment.  The DynaFiz™ interferometer can also be used to test other parameters of an optical component or system such as transmitted wavefront and radius of curvature.  When configured with a phase measuring receptacle (PMR) the DynaFiz interferometer can also be used to perform higher accuracy phase measuring acquisition in more stable environments. 

For additional information on the system and its performance, please download the datasheet and check out the video below.

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