Ultra-High-Resolution Verifire™ HDX Laser Interferometer System For 3D Metrology

 Ultra-High-Resolution Verifire™ HDX Laser Interferometer System For 3D Metrology

Zygo introduces the new Verifire™ HDX laser interferometer system designed for precise 3D metrology and mid-spatial frequency content characterization of extreme performance optical components and systems. The HDX system includes all of the features of the Verifire HD, and adds enhancements such as the best-in-class imaging and resolution for high instrument transfer function (ITF), and superior characterization of mid-spatial frequency content and high-slope surface deviations.

The Verifire HDX performance is optimized for a 3.4k x 3.4k (11.6 megapixel) sensor with its all new, optical design. The interferometer features low-noise, high-speed, an 11.6 megapixel sensor, and a DynaPhase® dynamic acquisition technology that eliminates problems due to vibration and enables precision metrology in nearly any environment. The Verifire HDX can be configured for a wide range of applications with available apertures from 25 mm to 800 mm, horizontal and vertical mounting configurations, and a complete line of reference optics and accessories.

Download the brochure, or visit the website for more information on the Verifire™ HDX Laser Interferometer System.

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