In Situ Raman Spectroscopic Measurements Of Metal Oxides Under High Temperature In Situ Raman Spectroscopic Measurements Of Metal Oxides Under High Temperature

Transition metal oxides are compounds composed of oxygen bound to transition metals used in various applications such as heterogeneous catalysts. To study the mechanism of the catalytic process as well as monitor and optimize the reaction conditions, multiple analytical methods such as XAS, NMR, and Raman spectroscopy have been investigated. Raman spectroscopy has been widely utilized in in-situ catalytic process monitoring with metal oxides, even achieved multi-technique characterization by combining with other instrumentations.


topaz High-Resolution Lenses For 1.1" Sensors: Xenon-Topaz Series

Schneider Optics presents the Xenon-Topaz lenses suitable for modern 1.1” CCD and CMOS sensors with 12 megapixels and a pixel size up to 3.0 μm. These lenses feature a robust mechanical design with lockable iris with a focus that is resistant to vibrations and guarantees an extremely high and uniform image quality over the entire sensor even under harsh conditions.

  • High Resolution Lenses For Large Format Cameras: Xenon-Emerald Series

    Schneider Optics' Xenon-Emerald series is designed for large format cameras with up to 29 MP sensors. These compact, low-distortion lenses feature an image diameter of 43.2 mm and are lockable in distance and aperture.

  • MAESTRO: Touchscreen Display Device For Power And Energy Measurement

    The MAESTRO is a touchscreen display device for power and energy measurements within thermopiles, photo detectors, and pyroelectrics. The device features a large touch screen LCD display with 18bit color and 640 x 480 resolution.

  • Glass Micro Bonding Benefits And Applications

    SCHOTT Electronic Packaging and Primoceler Oy have joined forces to expand current hermetic packaging portfolios with pioneering glass micro bonding technology. This process enables the manufacture of vacuum-tight, ultra-miniature electronic and optical devices with superior reliability. This bonding method is based on laser technology and can be completed without any heat or added materials.

  • High-Speed MWIR Camera For Range And Science Applications: FLIR RS8500™

    The FLIR RS8500 MWIR camera is a high-performance thermal science camera combined with an infrared telescope in a single weatherproof housing for long range tracking and measurement. The imaging system is built around a high-resolution 1280 x 1024 midwave indium antimonide detector that can deliver data at up to 180 frames per second.


Cooled sCMOS With Highest 26 MPix Resolution: pco.edge 26

PCO offers the pco.edge 26 sCMOS camera with 5120 x 5120 pixel resolution and a 2.5 x 2.5 µm² pixel size for achieving the maximum level of spatial resolution for many applications, including microscopy imaging with low magnification. Read more.


Schneider Optics designs, develops, and manufactures high performance lenses for machine vision, robotics, document scanning, industrial inspection and metrology, gauging, military, surveillance, & other image processing applications. Standard products include Compact C-Mount lenses, F-Mount lenses, Bilateral and Object Sided Telecentric lenses, a modular Macro system, large format lenses (area & line scan), 3-CCD lenses and industrial filters. Custom lens solutions are also available. Key markets include Machine Vision, Robotics, Document Scanning, Industrial Inspection, 2D/3D Metrology, Surveillance, & SWIR/Hyperspectral Imaging.

OSI Optoelectronics (OSIO) is a leading provider of advanced optoelectronic components and electronic assemblies. These technical elements are key to enabling critical functions such as analytics and monitoring, test and measurement, communication and tracking, and imaging in a wide variety of industries.

Gentec-EO is specialized in laser power measurement, energy measurement and beam analysis, as well as terahertz source measurement.

Our products are easy to use and well designed for your particular application and work environment, so that everyone can measure with the Gentec-EO accuracy.

UTC Aerospace Systems (Sensors Unlimited Products), is the world’s leading manufacturer of indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs)-based imaging products. As renowned experts in shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging, Sensors Unlimited, Inc. introduced the world to the concept of imaging in the shortwave IR spectrum with simple, compact, and uncooled cameras.

Ophir Photonics, a Newport Corporation, began making laser power meters, energy meters, and beam profilers in 1979, and we’ve never looked back. We have headquarters in the United States, Israel, Japan, and Germany, as well as distributors in over 50 countries worldwide.

Opto Diode Corporation is a world supplier of reliable, high quality infrared (IR) LEDs and custom LEDs in the visible range. Since 1981, we have produced standard TO-packaging and custom housing LEDs in our U. S. facility in Southern California, maintaining the highest standards with our in-process quality control and testing systems...



  • Bright And Eye-Safe Machine Vision Laser

    The FLEXPOINT MVpulse laser module delivers an output power of up to 100 mW and fulfills all the requirements of laser classes 1 or 2. This is achieved with an integrated microcontroller that provides a continuous wave laser in such a way that individual pulses can be generated. MV output power is five times higher than in cw operation, with the laser class specifications maintained for the entire pulse sequence.

  • Ophir® SupIR 50-1350mm f/5.5 2020 Innovators Award Winner

    Ophir Optronics Solutions LTD. an MKS company, is honored to receive the GOLD INNOVATORS AWARD from Laser Focus World magazine for the SupIR 50-1350mm f/5.5, an ultra-long MWIR zoom lens for advanced thermal imaging applications.

  • Laser Technology: New Trick For Infrared Laser Pulses

    Ordinary solid-state lasers, as used in laser pointers, generate light in the visible range. For many applications, however, such as the detection of molecules, radiation in the mid-infrared range is needed. Such infrared lasers are much more difficult to manufacture, especially if the laser radiation is required in the form of extremely short, intense pulses.




  • Creating AFM Resonant Probes Using Shattered Silicon

    Resonant probes for atomic force microscopy (AFM) can be created using shattered silicon wafers. This video describes how to create silicon shards and then attach them to a quartz tuning fork for use in an AFM. 

  • Creating Tungsten Tips For Atomic Force Microscopy Using Mad City Labs SPM Etch Kit

    This video describes how to use Mad City Labs SPM Etch kit to produce tungsten tips for atomic force microscopy (AFM). The tungsten tips are attached to quartz tuning forks for use in a resonant probe AFM.

  • Creating A Diving Bell For An AFM Resonant Probe

    This video describes how to implement a diving bell concept for imaging samples in liquid using a resonant probe AFM. A MadPLL phase lock loop controller and an AFM diving bell kit are used from Mad City Labs.

  • Ophir's Long-Range MWIR 45-900 mm f/4 – Thermal Imaging Demo Video

    The SupIR 45-900 mm f/4 delivers superb image quality and accurate line of sight (LOS) for long-range security and surveillance applications, with up to 24.7 km detection range. Designed for 20 µm or 15 µm VGA format cameras, as well as for 10 µm HD format. The lens is based on the legacy SupIR 15-300 mm MWIR f/4 zoom lens with its proven track-record of thousands of units operating in the field and its ruggedized design. Integrated in Sierra-Olympic's VGA MWIR Ventus-900 thermal core.


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