• Compact PiezoMove Linear Actuator: P-604

    Light and compact, the P-604 from PI is a PiezoMove Linear Actuator. Ideal for OEM applications in optics, medical technology, biotechnology, and microfluidics, this product is inexpensive and features a 300µm travel range.

  • PiezoMove High-Stiffness Linear Piezo Actuator: P-602

    PI's PiezoMove High-Stiffness Linear Piezo Actuator features flexure guides for linear motion with minimal tip and tilt. P-602 is available with integrated position sensors and is an ideal OEM actuator for force generation in adaptive systems technology.

  • Deep Cooled Vacuum CCD: Eagle 47-10

    Using a back-illuminated CCD (1056 × 1027 pixels with 13μm × 13μm pixel pitch), the Eagle 47-10 Deep Cooled Vacuum CCD is air-cooled to -80°C to minimize dark current for longer exposures. Using low noise electronics, it offers 2.3e- readout noise.

  • Compact Wavemeter: WaveEye

    The WaveEye from Laser Components is a compact and yet highly precise wavelength measuring device for the spectral range from 450nm to 950nm.

  • Phase Modulator: GAEA-2

    The GAEA-2 phase modulator is based on reflective LCOS microdisplays with 4160 x 2462 pixel resolution and 3.74 μm pixel pitch. While offering small pixel sizes of the GAEA-2 SLM, the display enables high diffraction angles.


  • Video: Nanopositioning Systems

    Shannon from Mad City Labs takes you through the company's product line of nanopositioning systems. Learn about nanopositioners and their key attributes with this informative video.

  • G&H PDR Product Presentation

    In this short video, G&H presents the polarization diverse receiver (PDR) for optical coherence tomography (OCT), with an overview of its features and benefits and how it integrates into an OCT system.

  • Video: Image Cytometry

    Image cytometry is an emerging technique that uses digital images to characterize individual cells flowing at high-speeds through microchannels. These images can be used purely for characterization purposes, to inform upon real-time decision making, or for generating statistics on large populations of cells.


  • Webinar: Optimize Your Multi-Axis Motion Process

    Learn how to best solve your application-specific needs multi-axis precision positioning and motion applications in fields such as precision assembly, photonics, optics, metrology. The webinar introduces the possible motion systems and highlights its mechatronic modules that determine application results.

  • Webinar: Exclusive "Smart" Features Enhance Productivity Of ZYGO 3D Optical Profilers

    This webinar presentation discusses the Part Finder & SmartSetup features, the Level/Step tool, and customized workspace available with ZYGO 3D optical profilers.

  • Introduction To Infrared Imaging Radiometry

    Infrared imaging radiometry is the science of using an infrared (IR) camera to measure the amount of IR radiation from a target in a scene. Every pixel in the image formed by a radiometrically-calibrated camera carries quantitative information. Radiometric images are more than just pictures; they are also two-dimensional grids of measurements of the infrared radiation imaged onto the sensor from the scene. In this webinar, we will cover introductory concepts, such as what infrared is and how it works. We will also introduce intermediate concepts including radiometric calibration and foundational IR measurements, like radiance and radiant Intensity.



Ultra-Compact Laser Power Meter For High Power Industrial Lasers In Confined Spaces: Ophir® Ariel

Ophir offers the new Ophir® Ariel, a self-contained, ultra-compact laser power meter for measuring high-power industrial lasers up to 8KW. Read more.




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