Performance Optical Components and Coatings

Optical Components Group

Zygo uses innovative and proprietary manufacturing technologies to create high-precision optical components through CNC glass machining and light-weighting, weighting, MRF polishing, and thin film coating.


Zygo’s aspheres can be manufactured in sizes up to 500 mm, with tolerances better than λ/5000 RMS @ 633 nm. They’re comprised of Zerodur, ULE, glass, ceramic, Si, and CaF2 materials.

Optical Windows

Zygo’s optical windows have been used in defense, medical, industrial, laser fusion, and in ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) applications. They range in size from a few millimeters to greater than 1 meter.

High Fluence Products

High fluence optics are used in high energy applications. Zygo offers high fluence prisms, amplifier slabs, beam direction mirrors, and transmissive optics; all with nearly damage free surfaces.

Transmission Spheres and Flats

Zygo offers transmission and reference flats, spheres, mounts, holders, and a radius of curvature options to expand or enhance an interferometer’s capabilities. They feature figures better than λ/20 and less than 1nm surface roughness.

Precision Reference Surfaces

Zygo’s plano optics for high precision reference and transmission flats feature flatness better than λ/40, and less than 1nm surface roughness. Sizes up to 32” can be measured at full aperture.

Optical Mirrors

Optical Mirrors by Zygo feature geometry to better than λ/50 PV, full aperture interferometry up to 32” for flats (up to 12” for spheres/aspheres), and less than 1 nm rms surface roughness.

High Precision Prisms

Zygo’s high precision prisms offer extremely tight angle tolerances (less than 1 arc second), flatness better than λ/40, less than 1 nm surface roughness, and transmitted wavefront errors better than λ/10.

Spherical Optics

Precision spheres by Zygo range in diameter from 50 mm to 200 mm with radii from 12.7 mm to 8 meters. Surface figures better than λ/20 are achievable.  

Thin Plate Optics

Thin plate optics by Zygo are compatible with high-fluence UV applications requiring precise transmission and workmanship. They feature near zero surface defects and very high laser fluence levels.

Machined Optical Structures

Zygo machines complex geometries to exacting tolerances for reference surfaces to be polished, or pockets to lightweight optics for applications where weight is an important consideration. 


Zygo offers AR, high-reflector, beam combiner, polarizing beamsplitter, and high laser fluence coatings for both commercial and military applications. They can work with sizes up to 760 mm.

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