Large-Aperture Interferometer Workstation: Verifire XL

Large-Aperture Interferometer Workstation: Verifire XL

The VerifireTM XL is a large-aperture, downward-viewing interferometer workstation designed for simple metrology of large flat surfaces up to twelve inches in diameter. The VerifireTM XL workstation comes with QPSI acquisition technology that enables true on-axis surface form metrology, without degradation from production floor vibrations.

The system features a heavy duty tip/tip/tilt stage providing repeatable part placement without needing custom fixturing. It also features a high-performance transmission flat for minimal sensitivity to gravitational sag, along with full-area calibration to enable optimal accuracy. The MxTM measurement and analysis software provides unmatched measurement capability with its operational features, data visualization tools, and easy-to-use interface.

For more information regarding VerifireTM XL features, specifications, and characteristics, download the datasheet.

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