Optical Components and Assemblies for Semiconductor Applications

Optical Components and Assemblies for Semiconductor Applications

The Zygo Optical Systems Division's Tier 1 optical fabrication facility utilizes their own proprietary manufacturing and metrology techniques to design and manufacture optical components and optical assemblies for use in semiconductor applications.

Some of the semiconductor components and assemblies that Zygo has worked on in the past include waveplates, DUV-VIS objectives, polarizers, beam expanders, illumination systems, high precision reference mirrors, polarizers, projection lenses, and thin fused silica optics.

The Optical Systems Division of Zygo takes advantage of its close relationship with Zygo's Metrology Solutions Division in order to optimize assembly time in the production phase of an optical component or assembly, or to help quantify and test performance on a finished product. For more information or to discuss your application, contact Zygo.

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