Ophir - Laser Measurement
Integrated Power Measurements In Automated Laser Systems
Parameters of laser beams used in material processing are tough to measure, especially in higher power ranges. However, MKS Instruments has developed new technologies that rise to this challenge.  Continue Reading..
PG O - Customizing Optics
Customizing Optical Coatings For A 3D Visual Application
In this case study, we look at the challenge of fabricating a broadband, non-polarizing cube beamsplitter for a 3D visual application.  Continue Reading..
Laser Components - Machine Vision Application
Determine The Exact Laser Module For Your Machine Vision Application
Selecting a laser module to fit an application should be a fluid process. From identifying key specifications to testing and potentially customizing the final laser, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Continue Reading..
Ophir - Stage Marking
Laser Safety In Stage Marking
What would live concerts, festivals and TV shows be without laser shows and stunning special effects? laserfabrik GmbH is active in this field worldwide and has more than 20 years of experience.  Continue Reading..
Designing A Detector Noise Limited Instrument With PbSe Detectors
Designing A Detector Noise-Limited Instrument With PbSe Detectors
Instrument designers can achieve optimal operation of PbSe IR detectors by choosing the ideal bias voltage, optical chopping frequency, or a combination of the two.  Continue Reading..
Expanding Applications Of Solid State Lasers
In recent years, market demand for laser processing has increased due to its inherent advantages and technological development. 808nm VCSELs aim to further expand the applications of solid-state lasers.  Continue Reading..
ophir water cooling
High Power Laser Measurement: Cooling Methods
Measurement of high-power lasers requires efficient heat control in power meter sensors. Choosing the right heat transfer method is a critical step in configuring a reliable, accurate high-power laser meter.  Continue Reading..


The BeamPeek system allows simultaneous beam profiling, focal spot size and position, and power measurement of Additive Manufacturing (AM) lasers. 

The 871 Series Laser Wavelength Meter uses a proven Fizeau etalon-based design to measure the wavelength of both pulsed and CW lasers that operate from 375 nm to 2.5 μm.

The innovative Optran® UV NSS is a solarization-resistant optical fiber with a hermetic carbon layer ideal for spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, and laser delivery systems.

The 671 Series Laser Wavelength Meter uses proven Michelson interferometer-based technology to accurately measure the wavelength of CW lasers that operate from 375 nm to 12 μm.

Laser Components' double beam splitter has combined both a beam splitter and a polarizer into one component, saving space in setup and time in servicing. This beam splitter consists of a combined beam with the wavelengths 1030 nm and 515 nm split in such a way that 50% of each of the beam components is reflected or transmitted, despite the different polarization of the two wavelengths.

The HP60A-15KW-GD-QBH-MET-D0 from Gentec-EO is a high power detector for laser power measurement up to 15000 W, including a QB/QBH fiber adaptor.

The F150(200)A-CM-16 is a thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor with a high damage threshold for high repetition rate pulsed lasers. It has a 16mm aperture and can measure power from 300mW to 150W continuously and to 200W intermittently. 

G&H’s Superpolishing process delivers Scratch-Dig of 5-2, less than 0.5 Å of surface roughness, and zero defects at 300x magnification for ring laser gyroscope (RLG) mirrors, R&D applications, short wavelength and ultrafast lasers.