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5 High-Power Laser Applications
Not all laser applications are as futuristic as Star Wars, but some of the applications involving high-power lasers get pretty close! From nuclear fusion to measuring the distance to the Moon, lasers have found all sorts of surprising uses.  Continue Reading..
Measuring Laser Power With The IS Series
Gentec-EO’s new IS power detectors combine the speed of photodetectors with the attenuation of integrating spheres. Combining these two technologies with Gentec-EO’s own recipe for a high damage-threshold absorber offers many advantages.  Continue Reading..
Laser Power And Energy Measurements With Pyroelectric IR Detectors
This application note aims to explain the techniques for using pyroelectric detectors to measure the power and energy in CW and pulsed lasers. Also explored are the applications and subtleties that make these devices ideal for numerous power and energy uses.  Continue Reading..
Understanding turbulent flows
Understanding Turbulent Flows
The simultaneous application of PIV and PLIF measurement techniques sheds light on turbulent entrainment, a process that has implications for oil spills, wind farms, and more.  Continue Reading..
Ultrafast Dispersion
While the effect of dispersion is minimal for many types of laser systems, it is especially problematic in ultrafast laser applications. Ultrafast lasers are characterized by short pulse durations on the order of picoseconds, femtoseconds, or attoseconds.  Continue Reading..
Common Laser Wavelengths And Their Uses
Gentec EO explores the many uses of laser wavelengths in this application note. Topics explored include common laser wavelengths in telecommunications, which wavelengths are needed and used for laser eye surgery, and how wavelengths are applied in laser welding applications.   Continue Reading..
Fiber-Q Fiber-Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulator
An acousto-optic modulator manipulates light through a transmission medium. The Fiber-Q component line contains offerings from visible through to 2 µm and is fully customizable to meet application requirements with connectors, high power capability, optical fiber pigtails, and more.  Continue Reading..


The HP60A-15KW-GD-QBH-MET-D0 from Gentec-EO is a high power detector for laser power measurement up to 15000 W, including a QB/QBH fiber adaptor.

The F150(200)A-CM-16 is a thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor with a high damage threshold for high repetition rate pulsed lasers. It has a 16mm aperture and can measure power from 300mW to 150W continuously and to 200W intermittently. 

G&H’s Superpolishing process delivers Scratch-Dig of 5-2, less than 0.5 Å of surface roughness, and zero defects at 300x magnification for ring laser gyroscope (RLG) mirrors, R&D applications, short wavelength and ultrafast lasers.

The YLR-U Series incorporates the latest advancements in IPG world-leading industrial pump diode packaging technology and are the only hermetically sealed mid-power lasers on the market that can operate in extremely high humidity environments up to 90% relative humidity. Remote control options include Analog, RS-232 or Ethernet, and built-in self-diagnostics with internet connectivity. 

The MIRO ALTITUDE from Gentec-EO is a touchscreen display device for power and energy measurement using single-channel, multiple outputs (USB, Ethernet, analog).

The WaveEye from Laser Components is a compact and yet highly precise wavelength measuring device for the spectral range from 450nm to 950nm.

The GAEA-2 phase modulator is based on reflective LCOS microdisplays with 4160 x 2462 pixel resolution and 3.74 μm pixel pitch. While offering small pixel sizes of the GAEA-2 SLM, the display enables high diffraction angles.

Laser Components' large-area laser protection safety products include active and passive laser safety curtains, laser safety barriers, covers for windows, and optical tables. These devices separate laser workstations from their surroundings and thus ensure the necessary occupational safety.



  • Day two of 2022’s Defense + Commercial Sensing trade show brought us to Ophir Photonics’ booth to talk with Derrick Peterman about what solutions they provide to customers wanting to troubleshoot their lasers. Derrick shows us which of Ophir’s products can help diagnose issues for optimal performance.

  • Infrared devices product manager Gary Spingarn of Hamamatsu met with Photonics Online on day two of Defense + Commercial Sensing 2022 to talk about quantum cascade lasers. Hamamatsu offers packages featuring lower power consumption. Other products in their lineup include quantum cascade detectors, infrared LEDs, and more.

  • On day one of SPIE’s Defense + Commercial Sensing 2022 trade show, Fel Legrand from Gentec-EO introduces the company’s latest releases for laser power and energy measurement applications.

  • Laser Components is pleased to partner with Micro-Hybrid Electronics, a German company that produces infrared components for test/measurement applications. Matthias Gunther explains his desire to increase Micro-Hybrid’s footprint in the United States.

  • Félicien Legrand with Gentec-EO met with us on the second day of Photonics West 2022 to explain why your time is better spent developing improved laser processes when compared to the time invested in setting up laser beam diagnostic tools. He also gave us a brief introduction to the new Miro Altitude – a laser power display and energy device ideal for even the most demanding applications.

  • In this video from day one of Photonics West 2022, Mario Paredes from Armadillo SIA explains how their new optical fibers are suitable for high power laser delivery applications. Learn more about this product and how Armadillo SIA specializes in fiber optic solutions by watching the video.

  • The BeamSquared® system is a compact and fully automated tool for measuring the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed laser systems from the UV to NIR to Telecom wavelengths.