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The IS12L-9S-RSI-INT-D0 is an integrating sphere detector designed for laser power measurement up to 9 W. It has fast response time, high average power capabilities, and a resistant coating.

Adding a lens in front of your profiler, calculating the magnification factor, double-checking the alignment, and dealing with ghost beams… sounds familiar? Try the BEAMAGE-4M-FOCUS instead. 

SK-1300 Series Fused Silica is crafted using an advanced VAD method, an innovative process that ensures unparalleled purity with total metallic impurities kept below 0.5 ppm.

The IS50A-1KW-RMT is the highest-power joulemeter on the market, offering laser energy measurement up to 1 kW average power.

Extra-large, high-energy pulsed beams up to 195 mm Ø can now be measured with the new QE195LP-S-MB pyroelectric detector.

The Qualifire laser interferometer packs significant enhancements and features into a small lighter-weight package without sacrificing performance.

The PRONTO-250-FLEX laser power meter has flexible, traceable calibration options, so the customer only pays for what they use.

The HP100A-50KW-GD laser power detector is designed mainly for high-power laser and laser system manufacturers, factories that cut thick metal parts with high-power lasers, and military applications