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Measuring Challenges Of Wide Divergent Beams
Wide, divergent beams place specific requirements on a measurement system. The apertures of conventional beam profilers are too small to collect the entire spot of large or divergent light sources, while diverging beams cannot be accurately measured with regular detectors.   Continue Reading..
Beam Attenuation: Key To Successful Beam Profiling
This white paper discusses why beam attenuation is critical because lasers designed for cutting sheet steel will have no trouble cutting through a beam profiler if the beam power isn't attenuated.  Continue Reading..
Joined Fast Together: e-Mobility And Laser Welding In Automotive Production
The latest automotive manufacturing processes and e-mobility technologies are tightly linked to laser welding. This white paper explores the challenges found in this juncture and why the quality of the laser beam is so important.  Continue Reading..
Laser Measurements In Materials Processing: How And When They Absolutely, Positively Must Be Made
When improving laser-based processes, there are a variety of parameters that must be measured. Additionally, the continuously rising power of laser systems in material processing makes the requirements for laser measurement systems more challenging than ever. This white paper discusses laser measurements in materials processing as well as how and when they must be made for the best results.  Continue Reading..
Characterizing A Laser Used In Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment
In this application note, a developer of power-bed additive manufacturing systems needed a beam profiling system that could be used by their field technicians for setup and maintenance of customers’ lasers. The bulky water-cooled system they had been using was costly, and long lead times for sale and repair were unreasonable. Moving to a BeamGage® based system made setup quick and finding the focal spot location easy.  Continue Reading..
Ophir Power/Energy Meter Calibration Procedure And Traceability/Error Analysis
This white paper discusses the interpretation and basis for stated measurement accuracy of Ophir Laser Power/Energy meters.  Continue Reading..
The Power From The Mirror
High-power lasers can only be as strong as their optical components allow. Thus, the further development of laser technology depends crucially on the development of complex coating systems with a high damage threshold.  Continue Reading..


The LETO phase modulator models are based on reflective LCOS microdisplays with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and 6.4 μm pixel pitch. The LETO phase only spatial light modulator devices can be used like an external monitor using the standard HDMI interface of the graphics card. No additional software or special hardware is needed to operate the SLM.

G&H offers a variety of Housings, Connectors, And Patchcords, differentiated by housing type and pigtail. G&H can provide its components and modules terminated with a wide variety of connectors.

Applied in many fields, including avionic and space communications, biomedical instrumentation, fiber laser systems, industrial micromachining, interferometry, LIDAR, medical diagnostics, optical coherence tomography (OCT), sensing, and telecommunications, G&H's Fiber Lasers can be used to perform cutting, marking, welding, cleaning, texturing, drilling and more. 

G&H offers a range of distributed feedback lasers (DFB) that provide smooth, tunable wavelength control and the narrow spectral width required for precise fiber optics. Applications for these products include spectroscopy and fiber optic communications.

Best for use in medical and industrial applications, the KP-1 series from Canon features High Resolution Digital Galvano Scanners.

The LE/LSE Series from Sensors Unlimited comprises InGaAs linear photodiode arrays and can be used in many commercial applications, as well as in industrial process control. Additional applications include inspection in agricultural sorting, biomedical analysis, thermal imaging and NIR Molecular Spectroscopy.

FLEXPOINT MVpulse laser module combines two criteria of machine vision: Bright light with output powers up to 100 mW and class 2 eye safety. High output and high contrast images allow for detailed processing. Bright light only needs to be available when the camera takes an image. The electronics match acquisition frequency and illumination pulses to each other, enable high output powers without the use of complex protective measures.

Laser Components offers a variety of high-power, surface-emitting VCSEL laser diodes with high-reliability and beam quality. They are used for a number of industrial and consumer applications.



  • The Ariel is an ultra-compact laser power meter designed for OEM and end-user applications in closed and confined spaces, such as additive manufacturing, metal cutting, and welding. This all-in-one power meter is battery-powered and requires no water or fan cooling. Able to fit in the palm of your hand, the system measures laser powers from 200mW to 8KW, and at a wide range of wavelengths, including 440-550nm green and blue lasers.

  • Join us for a virtual tour at our Jerusalem production site to learn how we provide a one-stop-shop solution, from design to manufacture, assembly and QA, for optical components and assemblies for high-power laser applications.

  • The BEAMAGE-4M is a beam profiling camera designed for accurate profile measurements of very small beams. The camera utilizes a USB 3.0 for the transfer rates up to 10X faster than regular USB 2.0 connections. Check out the video for a brief introduction.

  • The PRONTO-SI is a portable photodiode-based laser power meter designed for up to 800 mW that is so compact it fits in your pocket. Check out the video for a demonstration on this device.

  • The PRONTO-250 portable laser power meter is a mid to high power probe measuring laser power up to 250 W and is small enough to fit in your pocket. This easy-to-use power meter features a color LCD screen, a friendly user interface, and fully calibrated settings for every wavelength between 248 nm and 2.5 μm (YAG), and a real calibration at 10.6 μm (CO2).

  • The PRONTO-250 portable laser power meter is a mid to high power probe measuring laser power up to 250 W and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Check out the video for a demonstration!

  • Christian Dini from Ophir Photonics introduces the updated version of their beam profiling and beam propagation measurement system.