Products and Services

  1. Actuators

    OptoSigma’s offers a vast family of actuators that includes different types of micrometer heads, controllers, and other accessories and maintenance parts to be used with these actuators. When it comes to the actuators’ mounting systems, standard and fine-pitch actuators cover the entire lineup of OptoSigma’s stages and holders.

  2. Manual Positioners

    OptoSigma offers a multitude of positioning and staging options for a wide range of applications and their specific environments. With such a large selection of staging options including manual, contact slide, θ axis, and goniometer, OptoSigma can help sift through the difficulty of choosing the correct positioner model for a broad range of applications including optical experiments for research and development, and systems used for direction adjustment and correction.

  3. Optics Bases

    OptoSigma offers a vast range of optics bases, vibration isolation systems, laboratory benches, and optics holders that are made to decrease ground vibrations, acoustic noises, and direct force disturbances. Different types of vibration isolation systems offered include optical tables, lab desk isolators, desk top isolators, as well as brackets, adapters, and other accessories.

  4. Precision Nanopositioning Systems: Nano-HS Series

    The Nano-HS Series is a multi-axis, high speed, precision Nanopositioning system made up of two models, Nano-HS2 and Nano-HS3, offering picrometer positioning resolution, and XY or XYZ motion with maximum versatility. The Nano-HS Series utilizes PicoQ® Technology through its internal positioning sensors in order to provide absolute, repeatable position measurement under closed loop control.

  5. Three Axis Nanopositioning Systems: Nano-LPS Series

    Mad City Labs’ Nano-LPS Series of three-axis nanopositioning systems is comprised of three separate models with 100, 200, and 300 micron ranges of motion. Their low height makes them ideally suited for integration in inverted optical microscopes. Each model in the series is well-suited for handling biological samples due to an aperture that’s able to accommodate full size (3 inch) slides.

  6. Heavy Duty Nanopositioners: Nano-HL Series

    These nanopositioners have been designed to carry heavy optics or sensor assemblies weighing up to 10kg and have enough physical rigidity to counteract large off-axis loads with high positional stability and precise positioning. Additional features include single axis motion, and 50, 100, and 200µm motion ranges.

  7. Beamline Instrumentation Group

    PI’s Beamline Instrumentation Group provides precision solutions for nanotomography, laminography, vacuum chambers, full-field X-ray microscopes, and systems with nanoscopic spatial resolution. Because beamline instrumentation applications require an advanced motion control strategy, this group of physicists and engineers have closely collaborated with scientific staff at universities and research centers to develop complex and application-specific motion control solutions for their specific needs.

  8. High-Speed, Direct Drive Nanopositioners: Nano-OP Series

    This family of high-speed nanopositioners is comprised of three separate models with 30, 60, and 100µm ranges of motion. They can be configured into a wide variety of applications involving interferometry, nanomanipulation, high-speed lens focusing, fiber optics, and NSOM.

  9. Piezoelectric Mirror Tip/Tilt Actuators: Nano-MTA Series

    The Nano-MTA series is comprised of single and two axis piezoelectric mirror tip/tilt actuators with nanoradian resolution, making them ideal for applications involving high speed laser beam steering, optical disk manufacturing, interferometry, optical trapping, FBG writing, astronomy, and active optics.

  10. Three-Axis Compact Nanopositioners: Nano 3D Series

    The Nano-3D200 and Nano-3D500 are compact nanopositioners used for optical fiber alignment and hybrid positioning systems. Both models feature a compact size, three-axis motion, closed loop control, and true flexure guided motion.