Products and Services

  1. Linear Stages: LS Series

    ASI’s LS series of linear stages features three models with 50, 100, and 200 mm travel ranges. Each stage has less than 0.1µm resolution (10 nm with linear encoder), less than 0.7µm RMS repeatability (200 nm with linear encoder), 0.25 µm per mm accuracy (+3 µm per length of scale with linear encoder), and 7 mm/sec maximum velocity.

  2. Fast Piezo Objective Mover (f-POM)

    ASI’s f-POM is a piezo objective mover ideal for use with custom microscopes. It provides high-speed/large load and long-travel operation (150 µm, µ300 m, and 500 µm available) and measures in at 102mm x 60mm x 20mm.

  3. LPS-24 Linear Translation Stage Driven by Miniature Piezo Nanopositioning Motor

    This miniature positioning stage uses the NEXACT® high-resolution piezoelectric linear drive. The result is a compact stage (only 24 mm width) with a holding force of up to 5 N, a less than 1 nm resolution nanostepping mode, constant velocity motion, and a long lifetime.

  4. N-470 Piezoelectric Replacement Actuator for Optomechanical Systems

    PI’s N-470  is a Piezoelectric replacement actuator for optomechanical systems. It features minimum dimensions, greater than 100 N holding force, stable positioning, a 7.4 mm travel range, a 22 N feed force, and a 30 nm step size. It’s self-locking and generates no heat at rest.

  5. Fast Rotation Stages With Ultrasonic Motors

    PI offers a miniature rotary stage series with ultrasonic piezo motor drives. These fast miniature rotary positioning stages feature an integrated position encoder, greater than 720o/s velocity, and an unlimited rotation range. Additionally, these stages are fast and self-locking without the need of a brake. They are ideally suited for the R&D and industrial markets requiring a sample handling and positioning solution in a limited space.

  6. Miniature High-Speed Piezo Scanning & Positioning Stage with Aperture: P-630

    This nanopositioning system features a clear aperture with a 30 mm diameter, travel ranges to 80 µm, and a very stiff mechanical design for fast response and high scanning frequencies. It’s been designed to provide precise optical element positioning for micromachining, microstructuring, and scanning applications.

  7. Compact 2-Axis Piezo Scan and Positioning Stage, XY Nanopositioning System: P-763

    This 2-axis Piezo scan and positioning system has a 200 µm travel range, a 30 mm x 30 mm clear aperture, a 70 mm edge length, and high positional stability and resolution with capacitive sensors.

  8. Precision XY Linear Translation Stage for Metrology

    PI’s miCos is an XY precision linear translation with a travel range of 102 mm x 102mm (4”). It features uni-directional repeatability down to 0.1µm, a 200mm/sec maximum speed, a load capacity to 20 kg, and integrated optical limit switches.

  9. Precision Motion Controller for Linear Positioners and Rotation Stages: C-884

    PI’s C-884 is a motion controller equipped with a dual-core architecture that allows for fast servo handling and command interpretation. It has been designed to work with closed-loop precision positioning systems.

  10. XY Piezo Scanner for Pixel Sub-Stepping / Image Stabilization & Dithering: P-713

    This piezo scanner features a small footprint and a low profile (45 x 45 x 6 mm with clear aperture), travel ranges to 20 x 20 µm, parallel kinematics for better multi-axis accuracy and dynamics, and more.