High Dynamics PIMag® Voice Coil Tip/Tilt Platform: V-931


The V-931 is a high dynamics PIMag® voice coil motor from PI that can be utilized in many application fields. Uses include beam stabilization, satellite communication, image processing and stabilization, laser micromachining/tuning/scanning, beam steering with large deflection angles, and many others.

Voice coil drives like the V-931 consist of a permanent magnet and a winding body, located in the air gap of the magnetic field. Because of their low weight and friction-free drive principle, voice coil drives are particularly suitable for applications that require high dynamics and high velocities at limited travel ranges. 

Additional Product Features Include:

  • Beam deflection angle to 8°
  • Two orthogonal tip/tilt axes with common center of rotation
  • Identical motion characteristics of both axes thanks to parallel kinematics
  • Compact design
  • Durable and friction free thanks to flexures
  • Noncontact direct position measuring with linear encoders
  • For fast steering mirrors

For more features and specifications on the V-931, download the datasheet.

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