Products and Services

  1. PIMag® Motion Controller: C-891

    The C-891 from PI is a digital motion controller for PIMag® three-phase linear motors. The controller offers extensive functionality in operational data recording, wave generation, ID chip support, and extensive software support. With one motor and one sensor channel, the device is capable of sine-commuted operation, field-oriented current control, and automated detection of the motor phase.

  2. Helium-Neon Laser Modules: OSK Series

    The OSK Helium-Neon Laser Modules are designed with excellent beam quality, a long life span of up to 20,000 hours, and a robust mechanical design for multi-purpose applications such as confocal laser scanning microscopy, spectroscopy, digital imaging, metrology, industrial measurements, positioning, alignment, aiming, testing, code scanning, medical, basic research, education, or entertainment.

  3. High Performance Motorized Stages: HPS Series

    The HPS Series of motorized stages from OptoSigma are designed to offer middle to high performance at very low costs. The stages are equipped with ball screws with improved durability compared to the existing TSDM series.

  4. Translation Motorized Stages With Five Phase Stepping Motors: OSMS Series

    The OSMS Series of translation motorized stages are designed for use in applications where the positioning of measuring instruments or inspection tools require high stiffness and high precision. These five-stage stepping motor driven stages are equipped with lightweight, U-shaped rails that minimize deflection and achieve high stiffness.

  5. Z-Axis Steel Extended Contact Slide Stages: TSD-UD

    The TSD-UD stages from OptoSigma are inverted stages designed to enable the configuration of optical systems or camera alignment on walls or ceilings. Stable in every direction, these stages allow for precise height adjustment via steel balls contracting the R groove of the guide at four points during travel.

  6. X-Axis Steel Extended Contact Slide Stages: TSD-651

    The TSD-651 from OptoSigma is a hardened steel linear stage with integrated bearing ways for superior stiffness, accuracy, and durability. These 65 mm stages use M6 size or ¼ inch size screws for fixing the stage to the top of a table with tapped holes.

  7. Tabletop Vibration Isolation System: Onyx Series

    The Onyx Series is comprised of tabletop vibration isolation systems designed to isolate sensitive microscopes and research equipment from the vibrations caused by foot traffic, HVAC systems, nearby operating machinery, etc. These systems are ideal for use in optical microscopes, precision inspection stations, highly sensitive lab equipment, micromanipulation, interferometry, and profilometry.

  8. Precision Micro-Translation Stage For Single And Multi-Axis Positioning: M-122

    PI’s new M-122 is a palm-top-sized micro-translation stage designed with small dimensions and high speeds for single and multi-axis precision positioning. Due to its low-friction, preloaded, precision-ground ball-screw and a non-contacting optical linear encoder, these stages provide higher accuracy and enhanced repeatability in a variety of applications including photonics packaging, fiber positioning, metrology, quality assurance testing, testing equipment, and micromachining.

  9. Controller for Miniature Piezo Stages – E-873

    PI’s new E-873 controls miniature piezo stages of the Q-motion series for microscopy and photonics applications. Q-motion stages provide nanometer resolution at an affordable price. The E-873 is a benchtop device with options for control cabinet mounting, and has three channels with integrated power amplifiers and an interpolator. The device features a point-to-point motion and actuator mode for nanometer precision positioning at the target position.

  10. Piezo Nanopositioning Stage Features Up To 52mm Travel

    The N-565 is an ultra-precision linear positioner stage with NEXACT® PiezoWalk® technology, and designed with a subnanometer encoder resolution for high-end applications in bio-nanotechnology, fiber-optics, microscopy, semiconductor testing, metrology, and scientific research in beamlines and laser labs. With long 13 mm, 26 mm, or 52 mm travel ranges, high forces, and stiffness, this stepping drive does not subject to sliding friction or wear.