Opto Diode Products

  1. Single-Channel, Two-Stage, Cooled Infrared (IR) Detector: BXT2-17TF

    Opto Diode now offers the new BXT2-17TF single-channel infrared (IR) detector designed to provide excellent sensitivity for industrial carbon monoxide (CO) detection in harsh environments. With an integrated 4.67 µm optical bandpass silicon filter and a thermistor, this thermoelectrically-cooled device features excellent performance and high reliability for long life use.

  2. Near-Infrared Surface-Mount Photodiode: NXIR-RF100C

    Opto Diode introduces the NXIR-RF100C as a red and near-infrared (NIR) surface-mount device (SMD) photodiode with spectral response ranging from 320 to 1100 nm. The device package is ideally designed for laser-monitoring, and rain- and sun-sensor applications in the -40 °C to +125 °C temperature range.

  3. Deep Red Surface-Mount LED: OD-685C

    Opto Diode presents the OD-685C, a new deep red, surface-mount device (SMD) light-emitting diode (LED). This new device features 2.0 mW of radiant power at a forward current of 20 mA, a peak wavelength of 685 nm, and a radiant efficiency of 56 percent. The LED is designed to deliver outstanding efficiency for applications requiring radiometric measurement with tight spectral bandwidth such as biological analysis, health, science, medical, and veterinary applications.

  4. Low-Noise Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Photodetector

    The SXUV20C is a new low-noise extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photodetector that is specially designed for high stability over long periods of time when exposed to high intensity EUV energy. The photodetector features superior responsivity in the 1 nm to 200 nm wavelength region, a large 20 mm2 circular active area that provides a substantial surface for easy alignment to the EUV laser, and superior hardness in extreme UV environments.

  5. Near-Infrared Detectors

    Opto Diode's new series of near-infrared (NIR) detectors are designed for back-facet laser monitoring applications that require improved performance in the NIR spectrum from 700 nm to 1100 nm. These new photodiodes maximize measurement repeatability and offer a low-cost solution for NIR wavebands.

  6. Wide Temperature Range Infrared Emitter: OD-850WHT

    The new OD-850WHT is a wide temperature range infrared (IR) emitter from Opto Diode designed to simplify thermal design for night vision, aircraft, and vehicle light markers for covert operations in military applications. These emitters also have thermal improvements ideal for high temperature industrial photoelectric controls used in petroleum refining, chemical processing, and power generation and other industrial applications.

  7. 13mm2 Photodiode: UVG12

    The new UVG12 from Opto Diode is a 13mm2 photodiode specifically designed for detection between 193 nm and 400nm at 100 percent internal quantum efficiency in the UV and visible regions. Ideal applications for these devices include laser power monitoring, photolithography, and other high powered density applications using ultraviolet light.

  8. High-Powered GaAlAs Near-Infrared Emitter: OD-110W

    The OD-110W GaAlAs near-infrared (IR) emitter features uniform optical beams with a typical peak emission wavelength of 850 nm, an optical output of 140mW, a chip size of 0.026 in. x 0.026 in., and gold plating on all surfaces. These near-IR light-emitting diodes (near-IRLEDS) are designed for high-powered night vision and surveillance applications...

  9. IR Detectors for Minimizing Out-Of-Band Radiation: SCD-B Series

    Lead salt detectors were first used for infrared imaging applications in military research during the 1930s. Since their introduction, they’ve proven to be an effective infrared photodetector for a wide range of analysis, spectroscopy, high-speed infrared imaging, and defense applications. They’re not without their shortcomings, however.

  10. Repeatability and Reliability in UV Laser Systems: SXUV300C Photodiode

    Opto Diode’s SXUV300C is a photodiode with a 331 mm2 active area and the ability to detect energy from UV wavelengths of 1 nm to 1000 nm. It’s been designed to maximize measurement repeatability and reliability in new or existing high-powered UV laser monitoring systems.