High-Performance, Two-Stage Lead Selenide (PbSe) Detector

IR detector

The IR Detectors (B Series) from Opto Diode are high-performance lead selenide (PbSe) single-channel, cooled and uncooled devices. Applications for these detectors include gas analysis, emissions monitoring, spectroscopy, thermal imaging, defense, security, and process control systems. 

Available in a variety of standard configurations, customers can choose an assortment of options such as element size, cooling alternatives, and package type to suit a variety of system and application requirements.

Additional Product Features Include:

  • Fast high sensitivity in 1-5 Micron Region
  • Provides High Signal to Noise Performance for Wide Measurement Dynamic Range
  • Fastest Response Speed for Mid-IR Applications
  • High Reliability for Long Life
  • Best Overall Performance for the 1-5 Micron Spectrum

For more product information, download the available datasheet.

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