Opto Diode Products

  1. High-Powered GaAlAs Near-Infrared Emitter: OD-110W

    The OD-110W GaAlAs near-infrared (IR) emitter features uniform optical beams with a typical peak emission wavelength of 850 nm, an optical output of 140mW, a chip size of 0.026 in. x 0.026 in., and gold plating on all surfaces. These near-IR light-emitting diodes (near-IRLEDS) are designed for high-powered night vision and surveillance applications...

  2. IR Detectors for Minimizing Out-Of-Band Radiation: SCD-B Series

    Lead salt detectors were first used for infrared imaging applications in military research during the 1930s. Since their introduction, they’ve proven to be an effective infrared photodetector for a wide range of analysis, spectroscopy, high-speed infrared imaging, and defense applications. They’re not without their shortcomings, however.

  3. Repeatability and Reliability in UV Laser Systems: SXUV300C Photodiode

    Opto Diode’s SXUV300C is a photodiode with a 331 mm2 active area and the ability to detect energy from UV wavelengths of 1 nm to 1000 nm. It’s been designed to maximize measurement repeatability and reliability in new or existing high-powered UV laser monitoring systems.

  4. Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Detection: SXUV20HS1 High Speed Photodiode

    This high-speed photodiode has a Ø 5 mm circular active area and is ideal for laser power monitoring applications due to its repeatable measurements and stable responsivity. It covers the 1 to 200nm (EUV) range and can dissipate a high-powered UV laser’s optical energy without the usual measurement degradation that typically occurs after prolonged UV exposure.

  5. UV/EUV Continuous Position Sensor: ODD-SXUV-DLPSD

    The ODD-SXUV-DLPSD continuous position sensor has been optimized for detecting light position in the 1nm to 400nm wavelength range. It’s ideal for advanced lithography and other positioning applications that require the use of a sub 200 nm wavelength.

  6. Single Active Area Photodiode: SXUV100

    Opto Diode’s SXUV100 is a highly sensitive 100mm2 photodiode that provides detection from 1nm to 1000nm, with peak photon responsivity at 0.27A/W (at 1nm) and 0.33A/W (at 850nm).

  7. Photodiode for 2-Axes Positional Centering: SXUVPS4C

    The SXUVPS4C is a photodiode with a 5 mm<sup>2</sup> active area in each of its quadrants. It&rsquo;s well-suited for 2 axes positional centering applications for lasers in the 13.5 nm to 200 nm wavelength range.

  8. RadHard (Radiation Hardened) Photodiode for Electron Detection: UVG20C

    This photodiode has several distinctive features, though its most notable feature is its radiation-hardened, junction-passivating, oxynitride protective entrance window. This gives the UVG20C a distinct advantage over traditional silicon photodiodes where space and satellite applications are concerned.

  9. Photodiode for Vacuum/Extreme UV Photon Detection

    This photodiode features a 100mm2 active area and outstanding UV response. It’s particularly suited for applications requiring extreme stability for detecting vacuum ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet photons.

  10. High Power, GaAIAs IRLED Illuminator

    Opto Diode’s OD-669-850 high-power IRLED illuminator provides a very uniform optical beam with an ultra-high optical output from 800 (min) to 1250 mW (typ) and a peak emission wavelength of 850 nm.