Opto Diode Products

  1. Photodiode for Vacuum/Extreme UV Photon Detection

    This photodiode features a 100mm2 active area and outstanding UV response. It’s particularly suited for applications requiring extreme stability for detecting vacuum ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet photons.

  2. High Power, GaAIAs IRLED Illuminator

    Opto Diode’s OD-669-850 high-power IRLED illuminator provides a very uniform optical beam with an ultra-high optical output from 800 (min) to 1250 mW (typ) and a peak emission wavelength of 850 nm.

  3. 16-Element Photodiode for Electron Detection

    Opto Diode's new 16-element detector (model AXUV16ELG) is ideal for UV/EUV electron detection. Offered in a 40-pin dual in-line package, it has a 2mm x 5mm active area with a sensitive area of 10mmper element.  The detector features 100% internal quantum efficiency, and stable response after exposure to high energy electrons or photons.

  4. Surface Mount Photodiode: ODD-900-002

    With high sensitivity and short switching time, this low capacitance photodiode is ideal for use in a variety of medical diagnostic applications. The surface mount packaging allows for easy and convenient integration into new or existing systems.  The device operates in the spectral bandwidth from 400 (min.) to 1100 (max.) nm, with a peak sensitivity of 940 nm.   Typical responsivity is at 0.44 A/W with typical reverse dark current at 5 nA and total capacitance, typically at 25 pF.

  5. Surface Mount Photodiode with Daylight Filter: ODD-900-001

    This surface-mount photodiode features a daylight filter, low capacitance, a short switching time, and a surface mount package, making it ideal for applications involving industrial photoelectric control. It also features high sensitivity ranging from 730 nm to 1100 nm spectral range, with peak sensitivity at 940 nm.

  6. New Ultra-High Optical Output IR Emitters 850nm: OD-250

    Opto Diode announces the third edition to their new series of three super-high-power infrared (IR) emitters. The new gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) OD-250 features a wide angle, very uniform optical beam with ultra-high optical output.  Total power output is 250mW (typical) with a minimum output at 160 mW.  A peak emission wavelength of 850nm make this IR emitter ideal for military imaging and security applications, night vision (NV) imaging technology, such as night vision cameras and/or goggles, and for integration into illuminators and markers.

  7. Super High-Power IR Emitters With Very Uniform Optical Beam: OD-110W
    Opto Diode's new series of super high power gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) infrared (IR) emitters includes the OD-110W which features a very uniform optical beam. This Super High-Power IR Emitters is designed especially for military imaging applications and systems using night vision (NV) imaging technology, such as NV goggles and/or cameras, or for integration into markers and illuminators.
  8. Super High-Power GaAlAs IR Emitters: OD-110L
    Opto Diode's new series of super high power gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) infrared (IR) emitters includes the OD-110L, which features ultra high optical output with a very narrow optical beam, making it ideal for night vision (NV) and other military imaging applications including integration into illuminators and markers, and systems utilizing NV goggles and cameras. OD-110L is also suitable for harsh environments.
  9. Advanced Photon-Detection Photodiodes

    Opto Diode provides a full line of semiconductor radiation sensors for detecting photons and other particles. The AXUV-100GX and SXUV-100 absolute devices feature unparalleled quantum efficiency stability and radiation hardness for the measurement of visible, ultraviolet (UV), extreme ultraviolet (EUV), and soft X-ray photons.

  10. High Power, Wide Emission Angle IR Emitters: OD-850W
    Hermetically sealed, the standard TO-46 package is designed with gold-plated surfaces and welded caps, for added durability. The IR LED offers optical power of 40mW typical at 100mA, continuous forward current at 100mA and peak forward current at 300mA (absolute maximum ratings at 25 degrees C).