Products & Services

  1. Performance Optical Components and Coatings

    Zygo uses innovative and proprietary manufacturing technologies to create high-precision optical components through CNC glass machining and light-weighting, weighting, MRF polishing, and thin film coating.

  2. High Laser Damage Threshold (LDT) Coatings

    High laser damage threshold coatings are essential for applications involving laser welding, micromachining, laser cutting, laser drilling, and laser machining. DSI offers LDT coatings for a wide variety of components, including ball, micro, and fiber lenses, domes, reflectors, and even complex or unconventional shapes.

  3. Heraeus Optical Plate – New Approach to Plano Optics Manufacture

    Optical Plates made from Heraeus Spectrosil 2000 and Heraeus TSC-3 Fused Silica benefit from the unique optical, thermal, mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties that fused quartz and fused silica provides.

    Cost Effective plate forming - Heraeus combines a near-net-shape material manufacturing process and efficient large area wire saw and double sided polishing with these materials to produce optical plates with unique performance benefits and other differential advantages over other bulk fused silica & fused quartz products and in some cases other materials.

  4. Optical Glass and Lens Pressings

    HOYA optical glass has been used in the development of advanced electronics since 1941. In addition to technical innovation, HOYA has committed itselvef to environmental preservation by removing lead, arsenics, and other harmful chemicals from their optical glass and lens pressing process.

  5. Silicon to Glass Bonding Wafer Substrate: SD-2

    SD-2 is a type of substrate used to minimize the distortion and bowing effects caused by a thermal mismatch between two wafers. This mismatch is typically a result of the CTE curves of Borosilicate glass and CTE curves of silicon single crystal waves crossing at 240oC.

  6. OEM Optical Coatings

    PIXELTEQ offers precision and custom optical coatings through ion beam sputtering (IBS), magnetron sputtering (MSP), and ion-assist deposition (IAD) methods.

  7. Micro-Patterned Filters

    Develop new multispectral imaging applications with PIXELTEQ’s micro-patterned filters. Patented technology enables micro-patterning of dielectric, metal, & RGB color filter array coatings on a single substrate – creating simplified optical devices with superior light management. 

  8. Specialized LPCVD Coating Process for Complex Shapes

    DSI's proprietary IsoDyn™ LPCVD (low pressure chemical vapor deposition) coating process can apply highly specialized, durable coatings onto extremely complex shapes and multifaceted surfaces.  Ideal for coating almost all types of optical glass (including ball lenses), crystalline materials, ceramics and metals, DSI’s LPCVD is a high temperature process (approx. 500 degrees C) that features uniform conformal coatings.

  9. Suprasil® UVL: For Cost Effective DUV Performance- DUV Excimer Optics

    This high purity and chlorine free fused silica material is made from flame hydrolysis and under controlled conditions to improve the DUV Excimer laser damage resistance for highest energy applications. In this case the material is doped with a guaranteed Hydrogen content to reduce fluorescence caused by high energy laser irradiation.  This material has very low impurity levels (<0.01ppm) which results in low DUV absorption and is free of bubbles & inclusions.

  10. Synthetic Fused Silica for High Optical Performance - DUV Excimer Optics

    These high purity fused silica materials are made from flame hydrolysis and under controlled conditions to improve the DUV Excimer laser damage resistance for high energy applications. Both grades have very low impurity levels (<0.01ppm) which results in low DUV absorption and free of bubbles & inclusions.