Full-Service Optical Fabrication and Thin-Film Coatings

Source: L-3 Applied Optics Center

Full-Service Optical Fabrication and Thin-Film Coatings

L-3 Applied Optics Center optical fabrication and thin-film coatings capabilities have long held a place in astronomy, medical, display, imaging, instrumentation, machine vision, military/defense, ranging, and sensing applications. AOC has experience in the designing, testing, and production of custom and specialized products, including large format optical coatings, high-layer count coatings (in excess of 250 discrete layers), and more.

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Additional product offerings include:

  • Narrow bandpass filters
  • Laser protection filters (notch and broadband)
  • A/R coatings for far IR (internal and durable exterior)
  • Vis and IR beamslitters
  • EMI protection (including patterns)
  • Resistive patterns for defrost applications
  • Laser cavity coatings
  • Night vision compatible filters
  • Full Vis – IR Optical Fabrication Capability
  • Full Vis – IR Thin Film Coating Capability

For more information, download the capabilities brochure. You can also contact L-3 AOC directly for more information or to discuss your application.