Products & Services

  1. Space, Satellite, and Astronomy Filters and Coatings

    Iridian Spectral Technologies offers filters and coatings for satellites and LEO instrumentation, including large format filters for astronomical observations (single band and multi-band pass filters), light absorbers/black coatings, dichroic mirrors and beam-splitters, and multi-element arrays.

  2. Windows, Mirrors, and Color Filter Glass

    Ross Optical offers a variety of precision and standard windows, sapphire windows, round, square, and elliptical mirrors, and long pass, band pass, neutral density, and heat absorbing filters. This page provides an overview of these offerings.

  3. Durable, High-Performance Coatings

    HOYA offers optical coatings with excellent abrasion resistance and durability. This can be done from single layer configurations to optics with over 100 layers. Available coatings include anti-reflection, high efficiency broadband AR, ITO, bandpass filter coatings, edge filter coatings, and more. 

  4. Thin-Film Coatings

    L-3 Applied Optics Center’s coating chambers are volumetrically eight times larger than most competitive chambers. This gives them an advantage in the application of coatings on high-volume custom optics, or coating very large optics (up to 24 inches in diameter).

  5. Full-Service Optical Fabrication and Thin-Film Coatings

    L-3 Applied Optics Center optical fabrication and thin-film coatings capabilities have long held a place in astronomy, medical, display, imaging, instrumentation, machine vision, military/defense, ranging, and sensing applications. AOC has experience in the designing, testing, and production of custom and specialized products, including large format optical coatings, high-layer count coatings (in excess of 250 discrete layers), and more.

  6. Prisms and Wedges

    Prisms and wedges by IRD Glass are finished to exacting finishes and can be coated with anti-reflective, mirror, band-pass, and other thin film coatings.

  7. Optical Coatings for Large Optical Elements

    L-3 Applied Optics Center designs and manufactures precision optical assemblies for a wide variety of commercial and military applications. They also offer coatings for high-volume production and smaller, custom volumes and prototypes. Recently, L-3 AOC successfully coated 13 large optical elements for a national telescope project.

  8. IRD Ceramic Materials and Fabrication Services

    Advanced Ceramic materials

    IRD Ceramics provides small, complex shape ceramic and other high rockwell hardness materials to customers in various industries like aerospace, automotive, semi-conductor, industrial, and laser cutting.  We work with a wide range of optical and non-optical glasses, metal, and ultra-hard materials including all purity grades of aluminum oxide, borofloat, nBK7, pyrex, sapphire, spinel, and zirconium oxide.

  9. Optical Solutions and Assemblies

    L-3 Applied Optics Center (AOC) offers high-end optical solutions and assemblies for a wide range of applications in imaging, display, industrial, machine vision, defense, and aerospace applications. 

  10. Thin-Film Coatings

    Thin-film coatings by II-VI Optical Systems are designed to withstand severe abrasion, salt-water submersion, rain erosion, missile exhaust, humidity, salt fog, and more.