Windows, Mirrors, and Color Filter Glass

Source: Ross Optical Industries

Windows, Mirrors, and Color Filter Glass

Ross Optical offers a variety of precision and standard windows, sapphire windows, round, square, and elliptical mirrors, and long pass, band pass, neutral density, and heat absorbing filters. This page provides an overview of these offerings.


Ross Optical’s windows are made from optical grade glass and have plane parallel surfaces. Different offerings include windows comprised of BK7 material for high transmission in the visible spectral region and scratch resistance, fused silica windows for shock resistance, lower thermal expansion, and higher laser damage threshold, and sapphire windows for applications that call for a harder surface, a higher refractive index, and chemical damage resistance.


Ross Optical’s round and square mirrors are comprised of float glass or Pyrex material. They come in a variety of diameters, thickness, and flatness. For applications that require bending or folding light at precise angles with minimum wave front distortion, they also offer elliptical flat mirrors.  


Ross Optical offers long pass filters for longer wavelength transmission and shorter wavelength blocking, band pass filters for transmission in the shorter wavelength range and blocking longer wavelengths, neutral density filters with roughly balanced blocking in the visible range, and heat absorbing filters for integration into lighting systems with high-heat light sources.

For more information on these offerings, download the brochure or contact Ross Optical directly.