Optical Solutions and Assemblies

Source: L-3 Applied Optics Center

Optical Solutions and Assemblies

L-3 Applied Optics Center (AOC) offers high-end optical solutions and assemblies for a wide range of applications in imaging, display, industrial, machine vision, defense, and aerospace applications. 

For over 50 years, L-3 AOC has made a name for themselves by providing high-reliability optical systems for military and defense applications, and is currently one of the largest manufacturers of laser protection filters and related optical assemblies in binoculars and sighting systems for the United States Army. They are now leveraging that experience and expertise to address more commercial markets.

What sets L-3 AOC apart from the competition is their ability to design, validate, and produce high-volume and high-layer count thin film coatings, custom optical assemblies, optical components, large-format optical coatings, laser-protection filters, index-matched conductive coatings, and rapid component/subassembly prototyping. This is made possible through a proprietary 1- and 2-meter coating chamber that can coat volumes and large-element geometries that aren’t achievable in most other thin film deposition chambers.

L-3 AOC’s experience with custom requirements gives them the ability to offer any type of optical coating from the UV to IR region, from 300nm to 12 microns. Contact them to discuss your optical component and optical assembly needs in your next instrumentation, display, biomedical/medical, imaging/sensing, display, defense/aerospace, or astronomy application.