Thin-Film Coatings

Source: L-3 Applied Optics Center

Thin-Film Coatings

L-3 Applied Optics Center’s coating chambers are volumetrically eight times larger than most competitive chambers. This gives them an advantage in the application of coatings on high-volume custom optics, or coating very large optics (up to 24 inches in diameter).

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L-3 offers a variety of deposition processes and their wavelength region spans from the visible to the far infrared (300nm to 14 microns). They routinely manufacture multiple notch designs containing over 250+ discrete layers, and their previously mentioned large-capacity chambers enable fewer overall coatings runs. This translates into shorter lead times and competitive pricing.

Coating capabilities summary:

  • Environmentally stable, multi-layer dielectric coatings
  • Laser protection filters (single or multiple wavelengths)
  • Narrow bandpass filters
  • Long- & short- wavepass filters
  • Notch/rejection filters
  • High-energy laser cavity and output couplers
  • Beamsplitters

For more information on L-3 AOC’s thin film coatings, download the capabilities brochure. You can also contact them directly here.