Products & Services

  1. Rugged Optical Coatings And Testing Per Military Specifications
    Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI®) offers extensive test and measurement capabilities for a wide array of highly specialized optical coatings for military and aerospace applications. DSI’s Special Products Group (SPG) participates at all levels of product development, from engineering, to prototyping, to full-scale production, based on customer specifications.
  2. Precision Hot Mirrors for Heat Control
    Heat control filters are a type of dichroic filter that is used to remove unwanted energy (heat) emitted from a light source. Abrisa Technologies, ZC&R Coatings for Optics division provides precision hot mirrors for medical, aerospace * defense, entertainment, life sciences, digital photography, and a host of other industrial applications.
  3. Custom Coatings For Avionics Displays

    Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O), global experts in optical manufacturing and precision thin film coatings, has designed and developed custom optical filters for PRP Optoelectronics, the largest independent manufacturer of LED-based display technology.

  4. Cut-Off Coatings - Trim Filters
    Trim filters, also commonly known as cut-off or dichroic filters, are advantageous for a variety of applications.
  5. Dichroic Filters - Color Coatings
    Dichroic color filter coatings are an excellent alternative to dyed plastics and glass. Unlike plastic color gels that can age and breakdown relatively quickly during use, dichroic filters are designed to stand up to the heat and Ultra Violet (UV) energy in high energy light sources.
  6. Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) & Index-Matched (IMITO) Optical Coatings
    ITO and Index-Matched (IMITO) transparent, high transmittance conductive coatings are extremely useful in EMI Shielded windows for sensors and displays, heated outdoor camera windows, liquid crystal based polarization devices, and photovoltaic cells.
  7. Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Optical Coatings for High Moisture Environments
    ZC&R Coatings for Optics, a division of Abrisa Technologies provides both hydrophilic and hydrophobic optical coatings for applications such as outdoor surveillance, camera windows, outdoor displays, marine displays, medical devices, and more.
  8. Anti-Reflective (AR) Optical Coatings for Biomedical / Life Sciences Applications

    Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O) offers anti-reflective (AR) optical coatings for biomedical and life sciences applications. Ideal for coating on quartz, BK-7, glass, and a variety of other optical materials, AR coatings improve performance in optical systems, increasing transmission and enhancing contrast.

  9. InGaAs PIN Photodiode - Spherical Lens Window w/AR Coating

    Hamamatsu’s G6854-01 InGaAs photodiode with spherical lens window package and AR coating allows for easy optical axis alignment and high fiber coupling efficiency. The AR coating minimizes return light input.

  10. Multispectral Filters and Patterned Filters
    Deposition Sciences, Inc. has long had a reputation for producing extremely durable and robust optical coatings, however it is not widely known that DSI has the capability to pattern these coatings through the employment of photolithography technology. Using techniques and equipment similar to those used to produce the world’s most sophisticated microprocessors; optical coatings can be deposited and patterned in high resolution to create features of extreme precision from optical coatings renowned for exceptional quality and durability.