Aviation & Aerospace Products

  1. Fiber Optics

    The line of active and passive fiber optic components and modules from Gooch & Housego provide the performance and reliability needed for a variety of applications including space, terrestrial, and submarine telecommunications systems. 

  2. Warrior Illuminator: Covert Laser Illumination

    The Warrior Illuminator is a lightweight, field ready, Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) covert laser illuminator designed to enhance and extend ID-quality SWIR imagery even in complete darkness. Made to easily mount into the hot shoe of the Canon 5D Camera, this class 4 laser is able to operate on battery life for up to 2.5 hours.

  3. Non-ITAR, Low-Cost Micro 320CSX SWIR Camera

    The non-ITAR, low-cost 320CSX InGaAs camera offers 320 x 356 pixel resolution, a 12.5µm pitch, and a 4.0mm x 3.2mm active area. The camera is very compact, with the OEM version measuring in at 31.8 x 30.6 x 30.2mm, and the enclosed version is 31.8 x 31.8 x 30.6mm. 

  4. High Resolution InGaAs 60Hz SWIR Camera: 1280JSX

    There are currently two 1280JSX series of high resolution SWIR cameras for imaging and sensing applications. This version has a 30 Hz frame rate, while the one featured on this page has a 60 FPS full frame rate. It can be used in Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE) systems, in low-light level imaging applications, for covert surveillance in day or nighttime conditions, imaging through atmospheric obscurants, and for multi-laser spotting and tracking in military operations.

  5. Laser Marker/Designator Tracker: Warrior PRF Decoder Module

    The Warrior PRF (pulse repetition frequency) decoder module is a field-ready laser marker and designator tracker designed for use with the Warrior HWH handheld or weapon/helmet mountable SWIR camera system. It features a SWIR focal plane array sensor , an overall size of 2.43 x 1.30 x 1.35 inches, and weighs less than 60 g.

  6. SWIR Clip On System: Warrior C2S

    This clip on system attaches directly to a Canon 5D (and other SLR camera models) camera, allowing its operators to suddenly see through haze, smoke, and dust for enhanced long range ISR applications, or to detect SWIR markers or beacons. An optional covert SWIR laser illuminator can also be directly mounted to the camera to enable ID-quality imagery in total darkness.

  7. Handheld Weapon Helmet (HWH) Mountable SWIR System

    SWIR imaging offers several advantages over traditional night vision systems, particularly as it relates to military related operations. It can detect battlefield laser targeting systems in day and night conditions, and image through haze, dust, and smoke.

  8. 145 klps InGaAs Linescan Camera: 2048R

    The GL2048R SWIR InGaAs linescan camera’s high resolution, stability, and reliability make it ideal for OCT applications studying blood flow or large tissue volumes at 1.04, 1.32, and 1.55 µm. It features a 2048 x 1 pixel array with a 10 µm pitch and high QE from 0.99 µm to 1.65 µm.

  9. High-Load Hexapod for Precise and Repeatable Positioning: H-850KLMD

    PI’s H-850KMLD is a positioning hexapod with a load capacity to 500 kg and travel ranges to 100 mm/60o. It’s ideal for optics alignment, aerospace applications, semiconductor manufacturing, astronomical telescopes, high energy physics, satellite antenna alignment, medical tumor treatment, and other positioning application that call for a minimal incremental motion of 1µm (X, Y) or 0.5µm (Z).

  10. Laser Reflection Glasses: LaseReflect Aviator

    In 2016, the FAA estimated a total of 8681 incidents where pilots were subjected to distractions, or in some extreme cases temporary blindness, by commercially available laser pointers. To combat this, Iridian Spectral Technologies developed LaseReflect aviator glasses to protect pilots from visible laser attacks.