Aviation & Aerospace Products

  1. 2/3” format (11mm Image Circle) Lenses

    Schneider Optics’ 2/3" compact C-Mount lenses are optically corrected and broadband coated for the spectral range of 400-1000nm(VIS+NIR) on megapixel cameras. They are ideal for applications involving security, machine vision, 2D/3D measurements, traffic control and surveillance, food processing, biometrics, automotive crash testing, and defect detection classification. These compact, C-Mount lenses are also ideal for medical, robot vision, packaging, web inspection, and aerospace applications.

  2. EUROLED Products

    LED - EUROLED SMD LED displays and backlights for switches, sensors and LCD displays in medical system and sensor applications, aerospace and transportation displays, and data displays.

  3. High Sensitivity, Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Cameras

    Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems' full suite of high resolution, near-infrared (NIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR) linescan and area cameras have been designed to meet the needs of a many different markets, offering superior image quality.

  4. Mil-Rugged, High Sensitivity, Small SWaP InGaAs SWIR Camera: 640C

    The C-Platform is Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems' next generation of SWIR compact video cameras designed for applications requiring small Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP). These cameras feature a 640x512 pixel, high sensitivity InGaAs imager that does not require thermal stabilization and utilizes proprietary parameterized non-uniformity corrections algorithms to produce high quality imagery.

  5. New Ultra-High Optical Output IR Emitters 850nm: OD-250

    Opto Diode announces the third edition to their new series of three super-high-power infrared (IR) emitters. The new gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) OD-250 features a wide angle, very uniform optical beam with ultra-high optical output.  Total power output is 250mW (typical) with a minimum output at 160 mW.  A peak emission wavelength of 850nm make this IR emitter ideal for military imaging and security applications, night vision (NV) imaging technology, such as night vision cameras and/or goggles, and for integration into illuminators and markers.

  6. Cubic Inch SWIR Camera for Military Imaging Applications: GA640C-15A

    Due to its size, weight, and low power consumption, this SWIR camera is perfect for integration into unmanned aircraft (UAVs), handheld, helmet, or weapon mounted surveillance devices, and any ground/maritime imaging system with strict low weight and low power consumption requirements

  7. Thyratons - Fast Acting, High Voltage Switches
    Thyratrons are fast acting, high voltage switches suitable for a variety of defense and aerospace applications. Excelitas' thyratrons are constructed of ceramic and metal for strength and long life and are capable of operation up to 20 kA and 75 kV. Typical thyratron uses include gas laser, radar, and other modulator applications.
  8. Rubidium Frequency Standard: RFS-10
    The Excelitas Model RFS-10 Rubidium Frequency Standard is a miniature MIL-Spec rubidium gas cell atomic frequency standard with a standard size and interface. This advanced design of atomic clock features rugged construction, modular design and low operating power (12 Watts). The physics package, about the size and shape of a "D" flashlight battery, employs separate filter and absorption cells for high performance and high tolerance under adverse environmental effects. Warm-up time at 25°C is less than 5 minutes to reach ±2x10-10 of final frequency. The unit is small in size, light in weight, and utilizes avionics grade MIL components. The RFS-10 is designed to meet the most demanding of military frequency standard requirements.
  9. Standard Gain Horn Antennas

    Corry Micronics' Gain Horn Antennas operate in the sub-gigahertz to over 100 GHz frequency range. These antennas can be custom manufactured for different applications, including but not limited to aerospace, military, wireless communications, and medical.

  10. Mil-Hard 1.3 MP High Resolution InGaAs SWIR Camera: GA1280J

    Sensors Unlimited-Goodrich ISR Systems’ new GA1280J is a high sensitivity 1280 x 1024 pixel, 15µm pitch, Mil-Hard, shortwave infrared (SWIR) camera (0.7 to 1.7 um). The compact camera weighs <125g, with a total volume of <4.3 cubic inches, allowing it to be easily integrated into existing systems that have limited space, such as handheld or mobile devices for surveillance.