High-Load Hexapod for Precise and Repeatable Positioning: H-850KLMD

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

High-Load Hexapod for Precise and Repeatable Positioning: H-850KLMD

PI’s H-850KMLD is a positioning hexapod with a load capacity to 500 kg and travel ranges to 100 mm/60o. It’s ideal for optics alignment, aerospace applications, semiconductor manufacturing, astronomical telescopes, high energy physics, satellite antenna alignment, medical tumor treatment, and other positioning application that call for a minimal incremental motion of 1µm (X, Y) or 0.5µm (Z).

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This hexapod utilizes a reference class 6-axis positioning system. This affords the positioner six degrees of freedom which makes it much more compact and stiff than serial-kinematic systems, offers a higher dynamic range, higher reliability, no moved cables, and reduced friction. For more information on the H-850KLMD positioner, download the datasheet.

Watch this video demonstration of PI's High Load Hexapod Stewart Platform Swivel Test for testing metrology and qualification of high-load hexapods in random orientation.

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