Technical Glass

Source: IRD Glass

IRD Glass offers a wide variety of technical glass ideal for use in precision tooling and fixturing in OEM manufacturing applications, as well as for use in the defense and aerospace markets.

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Button optics by IRD Glass offer a face flatness spec of .000004” and .004” edge chip tolerance. They’re able to maintain these standards even with annual quantities in the hundreds of thousands.

Laser Optics

Precision mirrors, lenses, filters, beam splitters, and polarizing lenses are just a small example of optics IRD Glass manufactures for use in laser-related applications.


Like their button optics offerings, IRD Glass manufactures pedestals with a face flatness spec of .000004” and .004” edge chip tolerance.

Pressure Sensors and Transducers

IRD Glass has manufactured countless pressure sensor pedestals for system integrators and OEMs over the years. In these types of optics, chip specifications and flatness are a top priority.

Tools and Fixturing

Contact plates, precision wedges, spaces, and seals are just a small sample of what IRD Glass offers with their optics for tooling and fixturing. They’re made from a variety of glass and ceramic types and are available from fractions of a millimeter to 8+ inches in size.


Miniature precision tubes are used in pressure sensors and as cutting edges in medical devices. IRD Glass manufactures tubes daily while maintaining exact specifications.

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