Lattice-Matched InGaAs Camera: 1280SCICAM

Source: Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc.

Princeton Infrared Technologies offers the 1280SCICAM lattice-matched InGaAs camera designed for excellent SWIR and visible imaging 1280 x 1024 resolution at high frame rates greater than 95 fps at full frame size. The small pitch array at 12 μm, combined with the high quantum efficiency of the lattice-matched InGaAs arrays enables excellent imaging in the SWIR and visible band.

The InGaAs camera is capable of three set points at 25°C (no cooling), 0°C (fan cooling) or -50°C (water cooled), via use of a 3-stage TEC integrated into a vacuum package. It also features an advanced on-board digital array that provides 14-bit digital output with no image lag. The low read noise of less than 30e- is lower than all cooled SWIR scientific cameras. These features, combined with the low dark current InGaAs and 3 stage TEC will enable high sensitivity SWIR imaging with very long integration times over three minutes.

For more features and specifications on the 1280SCICAM, download the datasheet.