Aviation & Aerospace Products

  1. Aerospace And Defense

    Gooch & Housego’s solutions for aerospace, defense, and space markets include offerings in fiber optics, integrated FO component packaging and precision optics. Their sub systems and components and are used for guidance and navigation, opto-pyrotechnics and data communications.

  2. Technical Glass

    IRD Glass offers a wide variety of technical glass ideal for use in precision tooling and fixturing in OEM manufacturing applications, as well as for use in the defense and aerospace markets.

  3. IRD Ceramic Materials and Fabrication Services

    Advanced Ceramic materials

    IRD Ceramics provides small, complex shape ceramic and other high rockwell hardness materials to customers in various industries like aerospace, automotive, semi-conductor, industrial, and laser cutting.  We work with a wide range of optical and non-optical glasses, metal, and ultra-hard materials including all purity grades of aluminum oxide, borofloat, nBK7, pyrex, sapphire, spinel, and zirconium oxide.

  4. High Resolution InGaAs 30 Hz SWIR Camera: 1280JSX

    This InGaAs SWIR camera offers 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and is ideal for low-light level imaging, driver vision enhancement (DVE), covert surveillance, imaging through atmospheric obscurants, and multi-laser spotting and tracking. An OEM version is available for integration into UAS, handheld imaging systems, and robotic systems.

  5. Optical Solutions and Assemblies

    L-3 Applied Optics Center (AOC) offers high-end optical solutions and assemblies for a wide range of applications in imaging, display, industrial, machine vision, defense, and aerospace applications. 

  6. Non-ITAR, Low-Cost Micro-SWIR™ Cameras For Commercial And Military Applications: 640CSX Series

    Sensors Unlimited’s Non-ITAR, Low-Cost Micro-SWIR 640CSX Series of video cameras are ideal for commercial and military applications involving low-light-level imaging and imaging through atmospheric obscurants, such as fog, dust, and smoke.  Other applications include covert surveillance, multi-laser spotting and tracking, and tasks with low SWaP (size, weight, and power) and high-sensitivity requirements. Its compact size also makes it ideal for integration into UAS, handheld, and soldier-mounted systems.

  7. Remote-Head, 3-Chip HD CMOS Camera: IK-HD3H

    The IK-HD3H ultra-compact remote-head camera utilizes a 2.1 MP 1/3” HD CMOS sensor to achieve 1920 x 1080 image resolution for applications involving surgical microscopy, specialty broadcasting, diagnostics, scientific imaging, endoscopy, aerospace/defense, and any other imaging application that calls for increased sensitivity, outstanding performance, and a compact size.

  8. Optics for Defense and Aerospace Applications

    Zygo offers design and manufacturing services for a wide variety of products used in the defense and aerospace marketplaces, and are prepared to help at any point in the product’s lifecycle – from concept through volume production.

  9. Heraeus Optical Plate – New Approach to Plano Optics Manufacture

    Optical Plates made from Heraeus Spectrosil 2000 and Heraeus TSC-3 Fused Silica benefit from the unique optical, thermal, mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties that fused quartz and fused silica provides.

    Cost Effective plate forming - Heraeus combines a near-net-shape material manufacturing process and efficient large area wire saw and double sided polishing with these materials to produce optical plates with unique performance benefits and other differential advantages over other bulk fused silica & fused quartz products and in some cases other materials.


    In order to meet the requirements of the most demanding high-speed imaging applications a balance of high frame rate, image resolution, dynamic range and light sensitivity is required. The FASTCAM SA-X2 high-speed camera system has been designed to provide a careful balance of these requirements.