6-Axis Miniature Hexapod: H-811.I2

PI - H-811.12

The H-811.I2 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod is a fast, compact, and highly precise positioning system, ideal for industrial and research applications such as micromanufacturing and medical technology.

Reference-class 6-axis positioning system

Parallel-kinematic design for six degrees of freedom, making it significantly more compact and stiff than serial-kinematic systems, higher dynamics, no moved cables: Higher reliability, reduced friction.

Brushless DC Motor (BLDC)

Brushless DC motors are particularly suitable for high rotational speeds. They can be controlled very accurately and ensure high precision. Because they dispense with sliding contacts, they run smoothly, are wear-free and therefore achieve a long lifetime.

PI Hexapod Simulation Tool

The simulation software simulates the limits of the workspace and load capacity of a hexapod. Therefore, even before purchasing, you can check whether a particular hexapod model can handle the loads, forces, and torques occurring in an application. For this purpose, the simulation tool takes the position and motion of the hexapod as well as the pivot point and several reference coordinate systems into account.