Products and Services

  1. FLIR Pan/Tilt Units

    FLIR offers a variety of pan/tilt units (PTUs) for top-mounted and side mounted payloads ranging from 5 to 70 lbs. Among these are a series of miniature computer controlled PTUs with programmability of speed, acceleration, power, and other parameters.

  2. Mid-Travel Steel Linear Stages: MTN-BLHS Series

    The MTN-BLHS series comprises reliable, all-steel construction stages with excellent stiffness, load capacity, and thermal stability. These stages are ideal for applications that require moving heavy loads at high-speeds with very fine repeatability. Available in 100, 200 and 300 mm travel versions, the MTN-BLHS stages can bear up to 100 kg centered load, when mounted horizontally.

  3. Long Travel Industrial Linear Stages: IDL-LM Series

    The IDL-LM Series is made up of long-travel industrial-grade linear stages featuring the highest load capacity and speed of all linear motor stages with a wide variety of sizes and travel options. With their outstanding accuracy and improved pitch and yaw specifications, these stages are well-suited for demanding production environments.

  4. 6-Axis-Parallel Kinematic Positioning Systems: HXP50 Hexapods

    The HXP50 hexapod is a parallel kinematic motion device that provides six degrees of freedom – X, Y, Z, pitch, roll, and yaw – for complex motion applications that demand high load capacity and accuracy in up to six independent axes. Newport’s Hexapods are affordable AND extremely easy to use.

  5. High-Load Linear Stage Family With Ball Screw/Linear Motor Options For Industrial Applications

    PI (Physik Instrumente) offers a new reference-class linear stage family available in ball screw and linear configurations. With high resolution, improved tracking performance, smaller tracking error, and improved settling time, the L-417 and V-417 are ideal for a variety of applications including laser cutting, scanning, digital printing, electronics assembly and inspection, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), automation, and flat panel manufacturing.

  6. High-Speed Optical Power Meter For Fast Photonics Alignment Applications: F-712.PM1

    PI introduces the new F-712.PM1 high-speed optical power meter for converting the optical signals and currents of photodiodes into a high-resolution, logarithmic analog voltage signal. The meter also boasts a bandwidth of 20 kHz and extended wavelength range of 400 to 1550 nm.

  7. Low Profile Rotary Air Bearing Stages With Superior Accuracy: A-635/A-637 PIglide

    PI offers new A-635/A-637 PIglide low profile, rotary air bearing stages designed with superior accuracy for high-end industrial applications such as inspection, metrology, calibration, and scanning. The stages have no rolling or sliding elements and feature frictionless, non-contact motion for negligible reversal error, better wobble, eccentricity, and velocity stability. They also feature a virtually unlimited life, as there are no parts that wear or require maintenance.

  8. New Flagship Newport Digital Motion Controller: XPS-D

    The Newport XPS-D is a new 8-axis Universal Motion Controller and Driver equipped with the XPS-DRV11 universal digital driver card for controlling a variety of motor types, including stepper, DC, DC brushless and direct drive motors. 

  9. Industrial Vertical Stage With High Load Capacity: Newport IDL280-Z20

    The Newport IDL280-Z20 is a vertical stage based on a proven and modular web design made for industrial applications that require high load capacities. This stage features high stiffness (10µrad/N-m) with a minimum incremental motion (MIM) of 0.1 µm over 20 mm of travel with smooth motion for fine positioning, making it ideal for advanced XY systems with high dynamic performance.

  10. High-Speed Hexapod Motion Platform For Smartphone Camera Optimization: H-860

    PI introduces the new H-860 high-speed hexapod system designed to accurately simulate motion with six degrees of freedom. The platform features high accuracy and bandwidth that optimizes motion and image stabilization algorithms that are used in drones and cameras, and for pinpoint accurate images. Ideal applications include vibration simulation, precision positioning, lens alignment in camera manufacturing, photonic fiber alignment, and image stabilization.