Quad Electron Detector 146 mm2: AXUVPS7

Opto Diode - PR-AXUVPS7

The AXUVPS7 is a high-performance quad electron detector with a total circular active area of 146 mm² (active area per element is 36.5 mm²). ‚Äč

The quad electron detector features a hole in the center of the quad array to enable users to easily measure reflected electrons. Other features include a response time of 200 ns, shunt resistance (RsH) of 10 MOhms (min.), and reverse breakdown voltage of 5 V. The capacitance is 2 nF (typ.).

Storage and operating temperature ranges under ambient conditions are from -10° C to 40° C; in a nitrogen or vacuum environment, the temperatures range from -20° C to 80 ° C.

The AXUVPS7 electron detector has a lead soldering temperature of 260° C.