High-Power LEDs For Space/Aerospace/Military/Defense Applications

Opto Diode - LEDs for space

Opto Diode provides an extensive selection of high-power LEDs, available in both standard and customizable configurations, tailored to meet the demanding requirements of the Space, Aerospace, Military, and Defense sectors.

Offerings include a broad spectrum of wavelengths, spanning from UV and visible light, to Mid Infrared (MIR), with MIL-STD-19500 screening and qualification available upon request.

Example products within our range encompass the OD-663-850 Illuminator, boasting a total power output ranging from 300mW to 425mW (typical), an optimal choice for high-power, near-infrared illumination applications. Notably, our ultra-high-power GaAlAs NIR emitters, the OD-110L with a narrow-angle emission and the OD-110W with a wide-angle emission, exhibit uniform optical beams and peak emission wavelengths at 850 nm. These reliable devices are meticulously engineered to thrive in extreme temperatures and rugged operating environments.

Additionally, our selection includes other infrared LED products, such as the narrow-angle OD-110LISOLHT and the wide-angle OD-110WISOLHT, which operate at 880 nm with a spectral bandwidth of 55 nm (typical). These high-power infrared emitters feature broad temperature tolerances and convenient two-lead TO-39 cans with isolated cases, making them well-suited for a variety of critical, high-temperature lighting applications.

For inquiries regarding our customization and screening capabilities, please feel free to contact our sales team for more information.