Anti-Glare Glass and Specular Gloss Units

Source: Abrisa Technologies

Anti-Glare Glass and Specular Gloss Units

Abrisa Technologies' anti-glare glass allows its users to focus solely on the displayed image without interference from reflected images. It’s manufactured via a controlled acid etch process yielding uniform diffused surfaces for anti-glare and high resolution.  They can be used for vision panels, doors, windows, display cases, and much more.

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Specular gloss reflects light in a mirror-like direction. To quantify it, one can measure the amount of light reflected from a specular gloss sample and then compare it to the amount of light reflected back from when a polished black glass calibration standard is measured under the same conditions.

Anti-glare glass and specular gloss are ideal for flat panel displays, touch and gesture recognition, vis-IR imaging and surveillance applications, advanced instrumentation, and much more. Abrisa Technologies manufactures anti-glare soda lime glass with varying gloss unit specifications. Download the datasheet in order to learn what they are.  

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