Lumogen Coatings

Source: Acton Optics & Coatings

METACHROME Extended UV Coatings

Acton Optics’ METACHROME is a Lumogen stack coating optimized to increases a detector’s quantum efficiency in the UV spectral region. It emits light at approximately 540 to 580nm when excited with light below 450nm. It becomes transparent at >450nm wavelengths, and as such, will not negatively impact a detector’s quantum efficiency in the VIS and NIR regions.

Applying METACHROME extended UV coatings to the surface of front-illuminated CCDs, photodiode linear arrays, and certain CMOS detectors will vastly increase sensitivity in the 120 to 430nm range. In front-illuminated CCDs for example, <5% quantum efficiency is usually observed at 450nm, and they have almost no response below 350nm. By applying METACHROME to its surface, however, you can vastly increase the sensitivity of the front-illuminated CCD to the point where it can rival a back-illuminated CCD or photomultiplier tube’s performance.

Detector UV Enhancement Services Include:

  • Detector Window Removal
  • Lumogen E coating application to customer supplied detectors
  • Partial detector surface coating
  • Coating layer thickness control to customer specifications
  • Detector testing service to customer specifications
  • Fitting detectors with windows

METACHROME Coating Advantages:

  • Superior coating formulation offers optimum performance characteristics in comparison to other Lumogen-based formulations.
  • Precise coating thickness control – Small coating thickness variation can lead to significant device-device performance variations.
  • Coated/uncoated detector QA/QC testing capability to customer specifications

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