Excimer Laser Optics

Source: Acton Optics & Coatings

Excimer Laser Optics

Acton Optics’ offers laser mirrors, laser beamsplitters, and highly efficient AR coatings for all excimer wavelengths (157nm, 193nm, 248nm, 308nm, and 353nm). They’re designed to meet the most demanding applications in the medical, semiconductor, industrial, and research markets.

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Excimer Laser Mirrors

These multi-layer dielectric coated mirrors offer the highest damage thresholds, the longest lifetimes available in the industry, and are designed for all excimer wavelengths. They’re ideal for excimer laser vision correction systems (LASIK), semiconductor laser and metrology systems, and in materials processing applications.

Excimer Partial Reflectors and Beamsplitter Coatings

Acton Optics offers multi-layer dielectric coatings with extremely low absorption characteristics for beamsplitters, laser cavity output couplers, and beam attenuators. They can be calibrated for a specified wavelength and angle of incidence for outstanding performance in demanding high power laser applications.

Excimer Laser Antireflection Coatings

Acton’s low-absorption AR coatings increase the transmittance of lenses, while reducing second-surface reflections of beamsplitters. Their resistance to laser damage makes them ideal for high-energy laser applications. They can apply these coatings on customer supplied materials, or with their own substrates or lenses.

For additional information on Acton Optics’ excimer laser mirrors and coatings, download the datasheet.