Space, Satellite, and Astronomy Filters and Coatings

Space, Satellite, and Astronomy Filters and Coatings

Iridian Spectral Technologies offers filters and coatings for satellites and LEO instrumentation, including large format filters for astronomical observations (single band and multi-band pass filters), light absorbers/black coatings, dichroic mirrors and beam-splitters, and multi-element arrays.

Iridian Spectral Technologies' filters and coatings have been involved in the following satellite instrumentation projects:

  • A multi-spectral array of bandpass filters covering the 3µm to 5µ spectral range for the Space Technology Development Program of the Canadian Space Agency. This particular project used thin film filters as light absorbers to provide a high contrast surface in comparison to the highly reflective surfaces used on satellite or space stations.
  • 532/1550nm partial reflectors and AR coatings for Fabry-Perot etalons for NASA’s ICESat-2 satellite
  • AR coatings for NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory
  • 2-10nm bandpass filters for several different NASA projects involving remote sensing

They’ve also supplied custom filters for astronomical observations (some as large as 200mm x 170mm). For more information on how Iridian Spectral Technologies’ filters and coating capabilities have been used in space, satellite, and astronomy applications, download the datasheet.

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