Products & Services

  1. Thin Film Coating Solutions And Processes

    DSI is capable of producing a variety of durable, reliable, and heat resistant optical coatings within the ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared, shortwave infrared, mid-wave infrared, and long-wave infrared spectral wavelengths. Along with standard products, DSI is able to work in close collaboration with customers in order to develop innovative coatings that meet specific requirements within real-world applications.

  2. Specialized Coating Processes

    DSI provides three specialized coating process technologies designed to accommodate the many demands placed on thin film coatings. Each process offers the ability to provide unique solutions, higher performance, increased volume, and much more durable coatings.

  3. Test, Measurement And Support Services

    DSI offers its expertise on high quality testing capabilities for many types of resources such as in-house produced materials, as well as independent verification of external coated and uncoated samples for vendor/supplier surveillance, process analysis, and qualification testing. Each quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered and compliant. Environmental testing is also available and is performed in accordance with military specifications.

  4. Glass Machining

    Abrisa Technologies offers a broad spectrum of glass machining services that can fit nearly every application-specific customer requirement. With CNC processing and other glass fabrication equipment, this company can manufacture a wide variety of glass parts ranging from simple to the most complex designs. Some of the offered processes performed in-house include notching, slotting, grooving, edge grinding, stepped surfaces, hole drilling, circle grinding, polishing, and sandblasting.

  5. Frit Inks For Screen Printed Glass

    Abrisa Technologies offers frit ink graphics for screen printed glass used in rigorous environmental conditions. Frit ink is composed of colored glass/ceramic frit particles, resin that holds the frit in place prior to firing or tempering, and a liquid/chemical medium that allows the ink to be applied. Screen printed glass with frit is highly durable and ideal for applications where corrosive salt spray and fog are continuous environmental threats.

  6. Crystal Optics

    Gooch & Housego demonstrates expertise in its ability to grow, orient, fabricate, finish, coat, and mount crystals from a variety of materials in housings from 3 mm to larger than 300 mm. Crystal materials such as BBO, CdS, CdSe, KDP, and KD*P are used in many devices including acousto-optic modulators, lithium niobate Mach-Zehnder modulators, Pockels cells, waveplates, and harmonic generating crystals. G&H is able to measure insertion loss, uniformity of birefringence, and other important crystal characteristics at their extensive facilities specializing in transmission and reflection interferometry.

  7. Solderable and Face Metallization Optical Coatings

    Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI) offers face metallization and thin film solderable coatings on a wide variety of substrates including silicon and other commonly used optical materials. The thin film coating capabilities are enabled by DSI’s unique sputtering deposition technology. The company also utilizes enhanced photolithography techniques for patterning the coatings at a wafer scale, making them compatible with wafer-level packaging operations that customers may currently use.

  8. Photolithography Patterning

    As semiconductor fabrication houses have done more work over the last few years at the 200mm wafer scale, Deposition Sciences, Inc. developed a new photolithography production line capable of patterning wafers of this size. They can also pattern wafers containing active devices for their customers looking to integrate their electronics with optical filters.

  9. Optics and Optical Coatings

    OptoSigma’s vast optics offerings include various types of mirrors, beamsplitters, polarizers, lenses, multi-element optics, filters, prisms, substrates, and windows. Where optical coatings are concerned, they offer metal, dielectric, laser damage threshold, and multi-layer coatings, in addition to custom or special coating requirements.

  10. Protective, Repelling, and Oleophobic Coatings for Glass and Ceramics

    PRO-AR399 optical abrasion resistant coatings repel dirt, dust, water, grease, and oil. They’re ideal for glass or ceramics specified for heavy use in harsh environments (not including high UV exposure) and can be applied to substrates as thin as 0.2mm, and thicker than 100mm. This coating type is part of Abrisa Technologies’ CleanVueTM PRO series.