Featured Videos

  1. ZYGO Electro-Optics Design And Manufacturing Capabilities

    This video provides an overview of ZYGO Corporation’s electro-optics design and manufacturing capabilities.

  2. An Inside Look At ZYGO's Precision Optical Manufacturing Operations

    ZYGO is focused on bringing solutions centered around precision optical components, extreme precision optical components, and optical assembly services. With abilities to work on a build-to-print basis or build a design from scratch through to volume production, ZYGO offers in-process quality assurance to make sure end product meets or exceeds the customer's specifications.

  3. SureScan™ Vibration-Tolerant Technology On A ZYGO ZeGage™ Plus 3D Optical Profiler

    ZYGO's surface measurement technology is further enhanced with vibration-tolerant SureScan™ technology, which enables users to locate the ZeGage system anywhere in your manufacturing facility without the need for bulky and expensive vibration isolation systems.

  4. SmartSetup™ Technology On ZYGO 3D Optical Profilers

    SmartSetup™ technology helps users get measurement data from their ZYGO optical profiler quickly by automating set up and configuration tasks.

  5. Video: Introducing The RV-Series 3D Machine Vision System

    The Machine Vision RV-Series from Canon is made up of a group of systems that are specifically designed to work as the “eyes” of robotic arm systems. Benefits for using these machine vision systems include one-time measurements of 3D pose, high-speed recognition, improved productivity, and reduced production costs. This series is ideal for use in industrial production applications such as automobile parts manufacturing, car manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing.

  6. Support For The Entire Photonics Spectrum!

    Lisa Gerbracht at FLIR gives a brief introduction to showcased products, information on available imaging technologies, and an overview of FLIR’s specialized divisions.

  7. New Immersion Grating For Astronomy Applications

    Sukegawa Takashi from Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components introduces the new Canon Immersion Grating. With a size that is 1/27th of typical spectroscopy devices and the ability to cover infrared frequencies from 1 to 20 micrometers, this immersion grating is ideal for astronomy, satellites, and large ground-based telescope applications.

  8. Introducing The pco.edge bi For Microscopy Applications

    Dr. Scott Metzler from PCO introduces the pco.edge 4.2 bi back illuminated camera sensor with high resolution and a 6.5 x 6.5 μm² pixel size for high-quality images with quantum efficiency up to 95%. This next-generation camera offers an extremely versatile solution for all of your microscopy needs.

  9. Why You Should Use Back Illuminated sCMOS Cameras For OEM Development

    On our last day here at Photonics West 2019, Dr. Scott Metzler from PCO presents the enhanced capabilities that bi sCMOS sensors have to offer, including up to 95% quantum efficiency and a broader spectral response than previous generations. Check out the video for more information.

  10. Introducing BeamWatch Integrated: The Non-Contact Beam Profiling And Beam Propagation Measurement System

    Christian Dini from Ophir Photonics introduces the updated version of their beam profiling and beam propagation measurement system.